Terrace design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Aside from the fact that Filipinos are sociable, with our tea times (or merienda, as we often call it) with friends, we are also creatures of leisure who are never without our prerequisite afternoon siestas. This is the main reason why having a terrace or patio area is standard for homes in the Philippines. But, having the space for lounging with friends and taking naps are not its only purpose. Aside from making your home aesthetically pleasing, porches also add value to your home. Working on your terrace design project? Visit our free consultation page to get professional advice at no cost!

What type of flooring is best for my home?

Picking the right flooring for your home can be tricky. But, while it requires plenty of research and money to getting the right mix of practicality, durability, and style, it can definitely be done, even with little budget! In the Philippines, the most common materials used are gravel and concrete because, aside from being cost-efficient, it virtually requires minimum maintenance. However, if your mantra is more “form follows function”, a good one to use is wood. Contrary to popular belief, wood is actually not that expensive (marble is probably the priciest) and it can be be easily repaired or replaced. Just make sure you protect it from heavy rains during the monsoon season!

What are the most popular balcony design ideas?

Rustic style is very popular and we would often see our decks decorated with rattan or wooden furnishings. While it is the most natural design route to thread, it is also not the most practical because of the erratic Philippine weather. Monsoon can definitely put a toll on your wooden furniture, so if yours doesn’t have a roof to protect it, we suggest going for a modern or minimalist style, opting for tables and chairs made from glass, plastic, or metal. Want to see some examples? We simply love what British architect David Adjaye did with this garden space! Genral Garden ideas to complement your Terrace design can be found here.

How do I maintain my terrace?

It’s easy to neglect the patio area because we don’t often use it! But, to be able to ensure that you can enjoy this great area for years to come, it is important to do annual checks. See if there are any discoloration anywhere, some loose nails, moulds, or metal rusts! Also, try to refresh the area by rearranging the furniture often depending on the season! Here in the Philippines, we only have two — wet and dry — so make sure that the furnishings matches the weather!

What are the terrace essentials?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to designing your own space! But, sometimes, there are just some things that a terrace just has to have! For example, great lighting is important! This outdoor area is often used for intimate gathering with friends and it would be great to have the perfect night-time illumination to match your comfortable tables and chairs! Fences and screens are also good if you don’t have walls separating your home from other properties, so you can enjoy some privacy while you are taking your siesta! Of course, since the patio area is often a place for chilling, it would also be a good idea to place plants and flowers around as decoration.

Where do I start with my decorating project?

It usually great to start with having a theme and plan in mind. How exactly do you want your space to look? How much budget are you willing to spend? If you want to splurge, it is also a good idea to get the help of professional interior designers. Professionals make it convenient for homeowners because they would usually present you with a design concept booklet or mood board to inspire you that can match your taste and budget. But, if you are on a budget and can't afford to hire pros to help you, you can either go on Pinterest or home and decor magazines or simply visit the homify website, which offers an impressive collective knowledge of current market trends. Just take a look at our ideabook function, which helps you in finding a style to match your tastes!