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Teen bedroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Designing teen bedrooms explained

In the Philippine society, most Filipinos have a culture at home where they all sleep together in one room. They prefer associating in groups rather than practicing individuality in regards to sleeping arrangements. As much as Filipino families value the traditional ways of living, they also welcome new ideas to their lifestyle such as creating a personal space for their children and giving personality to it. Just as adults love the idea of decorating their home with aesthetic art and sophisticated furniture, teenagers grow the mutual interest of giving their bedroom a more embellished character as well. The desire of these young folks may hit around their second year in high school where they discover the teenage stage of being cool and unique. Parents know it’s not as simple as choosing a paint color or a gender-appropriate theme but it doesn’t have to be that hard. Decorating a room can be a fun project you and your teen can share. Let your child know you support his or her wish for self-expression through room decor and uniqueness.

Ideas on designing your teen’s bedroom

As teenagers, these kids grow up having their interest on things that catch their attention. That includes sports, music, art, fashion, and even famous actors they see on television. Know what your kid’s interests are and that will give you a heads up on ideas on designing your kid’s room.

Most teenagers are brand conscious and that they have no desire for the high-end looks that adults crave. They appreciate fun, quirky, and free-spirited designs that show the celebration of their youth.

Moreover, choosing a color scheme is also essential. Filipinos are known for their practicality, thus, painted walls are a practical choice at this stage of the game. Paint has a fresh contemporary feeling, and, better yet, it's the least expensive, fastest way to make a big change in a room. Some teenagers, especially girls would prefer a vivid color, but some like it neutral too. Some prefer not having a bold, powerful paint color because they like to bring their personality out more through their wall décor and accessories in the bedroom.

It just all comes down to your child’s interests and wants. Ideally, the bedroom must reflect your teenager’s personality so that the room exudes his or her character.

Organizing furniture with style

Your teen’s bedroom is a place to sleep, play and work, hence, plan for adequate study space and play space when organizing it. Keep in mind that visual organization and stylish appeal is just as important as clutter control, so make sure the room has a sense of continuity. Here's a breakdown of the components that need to be addressed when organizing and suggestions for tackling the job:

Bed and mattress: The teenager’s body is still developing, so you have to provide him with an orthopedic mattress that will keep the proper form of his back. Of course, the length and size in general should be chosen upon his looks, ideally bigger in order not to replace it as the kid grows. A twin-sized bed may be ideal for a 13-year old boy at first, but his body will grow until he’s 18. Settle on a Queen-sized bed right from the beginning to avoid purchasing as the kid grows older. Style the bed with your kid’s favorite color or patterns, though you have to make sure it still matches your wall paint color. A good tip is keeping the comforter and pillows with similar patterns.

Cabinets: Cabinets look more organized when they are situated on the rear edges of your kid’s bedroom. Typically, cabinets are more popular than closets in the Filipino home setting, so all clothing should be well-folded in the cabinets. In addition, while wooden cabinets are traditionally used in the Philippines, fashion cloth wardrobes are becoming a new hype because of its functionality and affordable price.

Clothing racks: For clothes that are easily crimped, racks are helpful to avoid the wrinkles. Clothing racks should be right beside the cabinets. Again it is best looking when situated at the edges of a typical 12-sq ft kid’s bedroom.

Sofa beds and chairs: A teen’s bedroom is not only for sleeping and studying, but could also be an area where his or her friends can gather and hang out. Ideally, two comfortable chairs would look good in your kid’s bedroom so that it wouldn’t look crowded. Another great and cheap alternative is placing a sofa bed in your kid’s room. That way, it can serve as a seating fixture for his or her friends and can be turned into a bed during late night study group sessions or sleepovers. Your kid would thank you for that!

Study tables: A good, sturdy study table would complete your kid’s bedroom. Place it near a window for natural light or a quiet corner of the room where your kid can focus on his or her homework and projects.

Get creative with storage

If there is one general feature that describes all teenage rooms, that’s notorious mess. One of the reasons why this is happening is the huge pile of personal belongings they have no room for, and that’s at least something you can think of in advance. Here are some storage solutions for you to optimize in your teen’s bedroom:

Desks: It is imperative to place desks and drawers in the bedroom to avoid untidiness. Use a desk with adequate drawer space. Drawers keep items organized that tend to clutter the desk.

Shelves: Install wall-mounted adjustable shelves that will grow as the needs of your teenager change. These shelves would look great with your kid’s books and encyclopedias as well as little knick-knacks displayed.

Containers: Label all containers, not the shelf where items are stored. That way if containers move, the items are still put in the right one.

Memos, etc.: Hang pegboards or memo boards to provide contained spaces for notes, photos and calendars. No more looking for that invitation or phone number-it's right there on the wall.

Smart lighting ideas

To set the perfect mood for your teen’s bedroom while providing adequate light, you need a plan. Just as you plan your color scheme and furnishings, it's important to take into consideration your kid’s needs, as well as the features and limitations of the bedroom, when you design your lighting plan.

When developing your bedroom lighting design, first consider the size and ceiling height of your room. Next, it's time to get personal and consider the style of your bedroom. Light fixtures are available in an almost endless range of sizes, styles and prices. Know if your kid prefers a traditional style, a modern touch, or a little bit of both.

Additionally, ceiling fans can provide light and climate control, and wall sconces, placed high enough on the wall, can offer some ambient light. Layer your overhead lighting with table lamps on your nightstands for bedtime reading, or install hanging lights or wall lights with swing arms over the tables to free up space for books. If your kid has artworks or photographs hanging on one wall of the room, you might consider accent lighting there. These areas should be part of your overall lighting plan to provide a well-lit room for your teenager.

Wall decorations that pop out

This is where the fun happens. Wall decorations give any bedroom a touch of spice as it complements the wall color and any other part of the room. Teenagers show their personality through the wall decorations they want to put up and it shouldn’t even cost much!

Music lovers, for an instance, would love to put posters of their favorite rock band or maybe stickers of musical notes. Boys who love to play the guitar could even hang their instrument on the bedroom wall for that “wow” factor.

Sports enthusiasts could hang a painting of their favorite sport or even hang a picture frame with their idol’s jersey in it. Now that’s a pure fan.

Some teenagers are fond keeping memories through photographs. They could print out a collage of their most loved pictures with family and friends and hang them on the wall.

For teenagers who are just genuinely fond of art and aesthetic, they could hang portraits of whatever they find beautiful in their eyes. Creative kids could even make DIYs made from scratch and recyclable materials. You could hang glow-in-the-dark stickers or sticky notes with your kid’s favorite quotations and verses. Even a wall clock and a pretty wall mirror that makes a statement would definitely pop out.

There are so much fun and inventive ways to make your walls stand out with the wall decors you put up! Of course, it should always reflect your kid’s personality and show what he or she is passionate about.