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Steam bath design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Whether it originated from east (the hammam) or the west (the Finnish sauna), the steam bath helps in the overall wellness of a person, helping eliminate numerous toxins accumulated during a working day or a day and intense physical effort. Relaxing and purifying, they help to relieve stress, relax muscles and promote sleep. To find out more about the sauna, click here. But, if you want to learn more about steam baths, keep reading!

What are the benefits of a steam bath?

The steam bath, otherwise known as the Turkish bath, is a wet steam bath. In the Philippines, the bath usually consists of only one room, and the maximum temperature is around 50 ° C but the heat is saturated with 100% moisture, which makes it tolerable for a 45-minute session at the most. The vapor is then released and gives the impression of being in a fog. Moist heat causes intense sweating and thus dilates the pores of the skin and blood vessels, which is why they are highly recommended after some muscular activity. It provides an intense relaxation that will relax the muscles, relieve or even avoid muscle aches and pains. It is also considered a good solution for decongesting the bronchi and improving one’s sleep.

What are the basic materials used for building a steam bath?

The materials must have a good thermal resistance and must be hydrophobic. Some examples would be extruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, hemp wool, rock wool, expanded cork and exfoliated vermiculite. Tadelakt is also one of the more popular materials used in Moroccan-style baths. It is a waterproof lime-based coating with a shiny effect and can usually be bought in any hardware store. It is aesthetic and hygienic and, like concrete, possesses antibacterial properties, thanks to the fungicidal and bactericidal virtues of lime. And it is not negligible, it is rather easy maintenance since only soapy water is enough, especially with black soap. A cheaper option, however, are tiles. Aside from being cost-effective, it is also the most effective surface for these type of rooms because it offers many advantages, especially in terms of hygiene. Ideal for damp rooms, the tile is both easy to maintain and waterproof. Beyond its practical aspect, it also allows to decorate your “hammam,” according to you tastes!

How much would it cost in the Philippines?

While you can always go to a spa or wellness centers for a session, there is nothing better than having one in the comfort of your very own home! So, if you want to build one, the first thing to consider is your budget. Do you want to build your bathroom? Or is it built by a professional? Or investment in prefabricated bathroom? A bathroom that is pre-made is much more cheaper than a customized bath. For a specially designed bathroom by bathroom professionals (click here to consult professionals), the cost would be much higher. To get a quote for your projects, you can go to our free consultation page for professional advice!

What accessories can make my steam bath session much more enjoyable?

To be able to enjoy every session, you have to make sure that your room is designed properly. One of the important things to consider is the lighting. Like a sauna, the light must be soft. You can also add colors to the room to make it more lively. Also, make sure that your lights are waterproof and to consult with an electrician or pool and spa professional to ensure safety. You can also add aromatherapy by installing a perfume injection pump.

Where can I get inspiration for my steam bath?

There are many places to get inspiration from! Aside from spas, hotels, and other wellness centers, you can also browse through thousands of books and magazines dedicated to bathroom designs. Apart from that, you can also visit our website, which features thousands and thousands of images you can peruse and save in an ideabook. All you need to do is create an account on homify Philippines, which is absolutely free!