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Skylights: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Skylight windows

Almost all houses and places of residence will have doors and windows. This is a basic part of any home. If we wanted to let some light in, we open our windows, sometimes even our doors to make our homes brighter. At times we even need to open our electrical lights during the day because not all windows can provide sufficient light in some spaces. There is a way to maximize the light of day that can play a very important role in our daily routine even to the point of dictating our biological clock. Everyone deserves to experience the benefits that bright, beautiful and free daylight has to offer.

What are skylights?

These are windows installed directly on the surface of both roof and ceiling for the benefit of maximizing daylight purposes, which has many benefits for the residents of that home. It allows direct or indirect light in a space room or house by top lighting. Letting natural sunlight pass through indoor spaces can act as a natural alarm clock in a bedroom during mornings and will help keep track of the general time of day even without a clock. Using the benefit of natural light is eco-friendly since it does away with using electricity to light up a space.

A fixed skylight provides a great visual connection to the outdoor environment by giving a view of the sky, clouds and current weather conditions within the comfort of your own home. Not just that, an operable roof window uses a hinged sash attached to and supported by the frame is an excellent way to provide ventilation for passive cooling and fresh air exchange. There are a variety of ways to control operable roof windows.

2. What are the type of skylights?

FIXED SKYLIGHTS are perfect for areas such as hallways, stairwells and closed in spaces that can be transformed with light and sky views. This is an economical choice in creation a home filled with natural light.

MANUAL OPERATED SKYLIGHTS for deck or curb mount installation, provide natural light and enables any space to embrace the benefits of opening it for fresh air.

MOTOR CONTROLLED SKYLIGHTS For out of reach areas, this is a great option. Comes in conventional electric power and solar power (efficiently charges a battery powered operator and control system) Provides the same benefits plus the added convenience with touch of a button.

***LIGHT TUBES or Light Pipes

With new technology come better and better innovations for our fast growing society. People are smarter and more and more aware of what is truly important. We all have the right to daylight and even more to fully use the benefits of it. “Studies have shown that people exposed to natural light are more productive, achieve a better sense of well-being, and are more positive.”

Light tubes are affordable and cost effective in the long run, energy efficient, high-performance lighting solutions that bring daylight into interior spaces where traditional skylights and windows simply can’t reach. It is an option you can choose if your ceiling and roof has a substantial gap in between. It is an eco-friendly way because they significantly reduce the need for electricity while keeping interiors bright.

3. What do I need to install a skylight?

Before you start anything, you'll have to asses the structure of your home such as attic space and the existence of trusses to be able to determine the kind of skylight suitable for your home. Decide where the best place to locate it for maximizing its benefits.

Safety first. For installers the possibility of falling is a real danger. Double check your ladders and scaffoldings. Make sure complete the tools on hand, head gear and shoes with proper traction.

Know the product before purchasing or choosing. Go through the details of the cost of materials and installation fee, labor expenses and the length of time it will take to install. Energy efficiency, watertightness, sound reduction and other factors such as load and wind resistance are important considerations. Be updated Learn about what new technologies and eco friendly product are out there. Check out Shading, UV coatings and ventilation options from window suppliers and contractors. If you don't have the expertise or the skill level for this task, better have the professional contractors do it.

4. Maintenance of a skylight window

Maintain a clean and clear view of the sky with occasional cleaning. Although this is fairly easy, Avoid cleaning during the hottest part of day.

Sometimes after a strong storm or bad weather, due to branches breaking down and debris, there is a possibility of mechanical malfunction, cracked glass or a leak. Have a check up with your roofing contractors to do a gear, leak and glass check for you.

5. What are the practical add ons for my skylights?

If you decide to install it in areas such as a bath or laundry area, it is wise to consider adding a ventilation kit to prevent steam build up.

Decorative lighting fixtures and diffuser to compliment your skylight. It acts like a light fitting. for times when you would like to enjoy an afternoon nap, you may consider a daylight dimmer.

Shutters and blinds are a great way to control the amount of light. Options for manual or electrically operated. Personalize it by choosing from different materials and colors available. Types of blinds available are block out blinds, solar reflective blinds, pleated honeycomb blinds. Choosing good quality products will last you years.