Single family homes - design ideas and pictures

In the Philippines, single detached homes or single family houses are common. Filipino homeowners in the country prefer to live in subdivisions or gated villages, where they can enjoy the luxury  of space as these homes would often feature a backyard and front yard. This type of house, favored by families in the Philippines, are generally found all across the country, but most specially in suburban areas (in Metro Manila, it is common in places such as Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Paranaque, Antipolo, and Laguna). Single-family homes are defined by single-family homes (houses with two or more floors) or semi-detached houses (two or a group of houses having the same structure as twins), and are characterized by low value in relation to other types of existing houses in the market, which makes the best choice for most Filipinos.

What are the different types of a single family home?

Single family homes come in four different variations. First, there is the mansion. Big, luxurious, and often very expensive, it is associated with wealth and big fortune. Think houses in Forbes Park, Dasmarinas Village, or Ayala Alabang. The next one is a villa. It is bigger than an average sized house and is usually associated with a comfortable-size home next to beaches. Similar to the villa are bungalows. It is a freestanding house on a comparably big land and usually in suburbs. The difference between the former and the latter, however, is that bungalows offer a less formal floor plan as villas. Finally, there is the cottage. It is the smallest type of a freestanding house which usually consist of up to four main rooms. Usually they build an addition to the back for extra amenities such as laundry, bathroom, and kitchen.

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