Log cabin: architecture, inspiration & pictures

Log cabins, also known as wooden houses or chalets, stand out as an alternative for those who want to escape the traditional (and, most often, more expensive) option, which is the concrete house. Regarding typical houses in the Philippines, prefabricated wooden houses are cheaper by about 40%. Besides the aesthetic value, both on the outside and inside, the material eliminates the use of cement, bricks, and many other complements, making it the best option for people with little time on their hands.

Is a log cabin right for my family?

A wooden dwelling is extremely cozy and manages to keep the temperatures warm during the cold, monsoon seasons in the Philippines, all without losing the freshness and the tropical characteristic in the summer. If you have a family, then you will feel the difference because it is the perfect home to enjoy time with all the members without having to worry so much about maintaining the various details that a masonry home implies. This is certainly a choice that saves money and time in the long run, leaving more space for you to worry about what really matters: quality of life. And if the surroundings of your house have an abundant vegetation, you can still bet on a beautiful backyard or front yard with garden, perfectly matching a log cabin’s natural style of living.

What are the materials and how is the maintenance?

If you are living in the highlands such as Baguio or Tagaytay, it is important for internal temperature to remain very pleasant. So, it is ideal that some care is taken, such as betting on a thermal blanket so that the cold and heat are absorbed, in addition to preventing infiltrations. The maintenance of such a house is minimal, but some people still prefer to varnish the entire exterior surface and ensure an always new home. Constructing your home 50cm above the ground also results in greater ventilation, thus avoiding the humidity. Massive and lawful wood are the most common for this type of construction, and they generally do not present any risk for termite infestation. Although the owner or tenant may fear that this problem would occur, there are several types of products and treatments to avoid any headache. In addition to hardwood, many people also choose to build their homes with reforestation or demolition timber, which offers a much more rustic and country aesthetic when it is made with wood without much treatment, varnish or color change.

How do I avoid termites from attacking my log cabin?

Termite infestations are actually a result of structural wood having direct contact with the soil. This provides the termites easy access to food and moisture, not to mention, entry to the house. Plan the architecture of your house carefully to avoid this situation. Dark and damp places are the favorite spots of termites. Wet wood is their home! Check if there are holes or crack around the walls of your house as this can be an exit hole for the termites.

Can I build my log cabin in the city?

This villa may have a rustic or rustic look, combining with the beachy look. But that does not mean that whoever lives in the city or in an urban context can not have such a lovely home! To match the warmth of the flooring, bet on a light with yellow lamps and a few simple touches of color, on decorative objects such as cushions and other accessories. Now, if you prefer the modern style, then your house can have a more square shape and wide windows around the entire structure, taking advantage of the natural context if you have the privilege of having an incredible villa in the middle of nature.

How to find the ideal professional?

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