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Scandinavian living room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Scandinavian Living Room

There is no doubt that the simplicity and the understated beauty of Scandinavian style is taking over homes from across the globe including the Philippines. It is arguably one of the easiest styles to pull off if you have the discipline to do away with clutter and an eye for practicality. Quality precedes quantity here, and frugality is interlaced with sophistication and minimalism.

Your living room is the perfect area to explore the brilliance of style the Scandinavian design has to offer. With its clean and sleek features refined to suit the aesthetics and ergonomics of your family members, the captivating approach of Scandinavian design will make you fall in love with its minimalistic appeal and ambience to your living room.

1. Working with a small Scandinavian living room

As a style that demands efficiency, functionality, and sense of airiness to the room, Scandinavian style is the perfect design for your small living room. Color is kept to a bare minimum when it comes to crafting a lovely backdrop in the Scandinavian living room, and it is generally clad in pristine white. This reduces visual fragmentation and visually enhances the available space. The use of limited and curated decor with sleek, straight lines also aids in creating a tidy living area that seems both inviting and cheerful.

When working with the small living room, do not completely shy away from color, as it turns the interior into a generic and boring setting. Scandinavian style lets you add color in the form of simple accents, and you can even add a mirror or two to further enhance the appeal of the tiny room. A plush rug, cool side table, stylish floor lamp and a cozy couch complete this elegant look.

2. Neutrals for your Scandinavian living room

White has always been a dominant color in Scandinavian living rooms, but the last few years have seen a surge in another neutral that is quickly replacing white and has even found a way to coexist with it. Gray is definitely a hip neutral hue that is simply refusing to die down as a hot trend. Now is the time to give your living room with Nordic inspiration a touch of gray by adding a cozy couch in the color or even creating an accent wall in light, smoky gray. It is generally the lighter shades of gray that work well in Scandinavian spaces, but you can pick a darker hue if you want to create a greater visual contrast.

Black and white backdrops with shades of gray work beautifully in a Scandinavian living room, and it is a look that seems to combine modern minimalism with urban classiness. Just make sure that black is used sparingly to just anchor the living area and highlight certain architectural features, as too much black can quickly alter the mood and the appeal of the interior.

3. Exploring colors and textures in your Scandinavian living room

Going down the Nordic path in the living room not only helps you in cutting out the excess decor, it also opens the door to a world of exciting and exquisite accents laced with lovely hues. Geometric prints, stripes, chevron patterns and abstract designs provide a sense of playfulness, excitement and individuality to the Scandinavian living room. It is not just pattern that makes a difference, as the small colorful accents you add to the living room steal the show instantly thanks to the understated canvas that is offered by this ingenious style.

Throw pillows, rugs, vases and lighting fixtures on the walls are the usual suspects when it comes to furniture that brings color to the Scandinavian living room. For those ready to experiment with bolder trends, mesmerizing wallpaper that breathes freshness and vitality into the room is a great alternative indeed. Make sure though that your wallpaper choice fits with the stripped-down style of the room and does not seem ornate or out of place.

4. Best flooring choice for your Scandinavian living room

Floor-to-floor carpeting just isn’t a thing in Scandinavian design. Hardwood floors, preferably light, are the best type of flooring for your living room. Plus, it’s a common flooring material in the Philippine market. If you’ve got darker wood floors, you can lighten them up by sanding them down and re-oiling them with white floor oil. Another option is white-washing. Mix water with paint in whatever concentration you like, depending on the look you’re going for. The more water you add, the more the underlying wood color will show through. Also consider other flooring materials that mimic the aesthetic Scandinavian appeal of hardwood such as wood composites and vinyl. The ambience of wood brings an earthy and grounded yet minimal and natural feel to your living room that screams Scandinavian right when you enter your front door.

5. Timeless Scandinavian décor for your living room

One of the biggest upsides of going Nordic in the living room is the array of timeless and iconic decor that you can pick from. These are awesome pieces that are worth investing in, as they will easily serve as focal points in your living room. Build the rest of the living room around these special additions and you can even bring home an IKEA find or two to complete the look. If you’re low on the budget, try this smart Scandinavian decorating tip where you turn a boring storage piece, may it be an old shelf or basket that you’re likely to hide in your closet, and turn it to a work of art and make it a design focal point in your living room.

There is something innately peaceful and reassuring about a Scandinavian living room that makes it perfect for an urban home that is surrounded by constant noise and chaos. Give it your own creative twist and you will soon be taking the style into your kitchen, bedroom and beyond!