Mediterranean living room: ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. Chateau de Boudreault Living Room : mediterranean Living room by Constantin Design & Build
  2. mediterranean Living room by TATO DESIGN:タトデザイン株式会社
  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
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  8. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
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  10. mediterranean Living room by Nice home barcelona
  11. mediterranean Living room by Nice home barcelona
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  22. mediterranean Living room by 50GR Mimarlık
  23. mediterranean Living room by INTERPRIKA
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  26. mediterranean Living room by JR Arquitectos
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  33. mediterranean Living room by TATO DESIGN:タトデザイン株式会社

Mediterranean Living Room

With colors that echo the elements of nature and furniture pieces that flourish the textured and intricate patterns of Tuscan design and luxury, Mediterranean style is truly a work of art that is perfect to be featured in the heart of our homes, the living room. Here are essential tips to look into for that unique blend of grandeur and earthy warmth for your living room.

1. Airy, open spaces for the perfect Mediterranean living room

Regardless of the interior type chosen for your living room, be ready for large windows, as it is the first step on the way to effective Mediterranean interior image. It is possible that you will need to widen a bit the window aperture or create new ones, because ideally, Mediterranean style features designs with open and airy spaces. Create an organic whole of your living room and the outside world. Windows typically occupy large walls space in Mediterranean houses, creating a panoramic view on the garden or the terrace.

2. The use of natural materials for your Mediterranean living room

The use of natural materials is an essential component of Mediterranean style. The floor is tiled with ceramics, natural or artificial stone and wooden planks. Pay attention to the fact that wooden beams are as important as large windows for Mediterranean-style decoration. Most commonly the color of wooden beams is aligned with the tone of door openings and window frames, which could also be visually highlighted by aged wood. Hammered metal can be used, but only in case of Italian-type house interior.

3. Mediterranean color palette for your living room

Mediterranean color obliges to fill the premises with warm ground tinctures: terra-cotta, sandy, beige, light-brown, dark-brown, cream, Neapolitan white, using in addition green tines and black in small numbers. You can opt for a neutral wall or play with colors, as long as everything compliments each other.

Most Filipino homeowners favor white for both external and internal facing of premises for reason, as it neutralizes the hot sun effect in the best way possible, reflecting sun rays rather than absorbing them.

Colors such as acute turquoise, azure, light-blue, cobalt, bright yellow, citrine, light terracotta, and sandy are potential colors to be used in your Mediterranean palette. The colors of sea and sun in accessories highlight the Mediterranean style on the back of neutral natural tones.

4. Mediterranean-inspired furniture for your living room

In order to intensely highlight the style of house interior, it is necessary to choose the furniture in the right way. Mediterranean style involves armchairs and sofas with hammered elements or even the metallic open-worked carcass. There are usually elegant chairs with high ornamental backs and soft sittings placed around the center table.

Homeowners tend to supplement the interior scene with only wooden furniture, frequently using wicker armchairs and chairs. Yet it is in character for Mediterranean region to use dense natural fabrics, necessary for sewing of simple coverings for sofa`s backs and pillows as well as for armchairs and pouffes. Opt for the spaciousness chest-of-drawers.and a desk lamp for ornamental purposes.

5. Mediterranean décor to suit your living room

After the main repair work is done, it is possible to finally set about the most pleasant activity: to decorate the interior in Mediterranean style.

The decor of Mediterranean interiors is almost exquisite, as it highlights the atmosphere of the living room. Various ceramic vessels, and ornamental plates are some examples of decor elements.

You might place several bright pillows at the sofa`s zone and decorate the coffee-table with capacious fruit bowl. Dense big carpets should be replaced with light woven carpets or strips, the smaller ones could become a decoration for the wall above an armchair or a chest-of-drawers.

6. Mediterranean living room curtains to steal the show

Your Mediterranean styled living room curtains should be appealing to your guests by its majestic and vivid colors from the first glance. Every piece in the room should help you feel as if you are living in a coastal town with overwhelming natural light and flowing air. That’s why you will need to choose your curtain design and color carefully and place them by the right way.

The simple flowing of patterned linens with red, green, or blue colors will give the room its smooth feeling. The patterns of whales and anchors on the curtain may reflect the Mediterranean life regardless the weather outside. Your beige walls and brown furniture will look pretty with a luxurious thick dark golden curtain.

However, you can use more options for your Mediterranean window curtain such as the white or modern colored sheers that resemble the seashells. The layered curtain can be a great option for this style. The exterior patterned curtain incorporated with interior transparent sheers and the overlapping beaded accents above your curtain will be extremely practical and decorative solution for your Mediterranean living room.