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Country style living room: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Country Living Room

The living room, as its name suggests, is the hub of daily life in the home. So when it comes to your design scheme, the living room has to work hard to fulfill all of its roles and function. Comfort, good lighting, strong floors, and a clean color palette are key components to maintain the purpose of your living room.

Besides its obvious essential elements, incorporating a fresh sense of style will bring a new life to your living room, and the country-inspired style is one of the top choices. Country living rooms give homeowners a welcoming ambience that provides that rustic, classic charm to the home. Here are some inspirations to look at when considering country style for your living room.

1. Country living room interior styles

As the country concept is very flexible, it can be beautifully combined with other interior styles to attain a very desirable and pleasing living room. There are varied interior design concepts you can match with country style.

Design your country living room with a traditional log cabin concept very much suitable for a house in the highland area. Complete the experience by having an all-wooden living room bringing warmth to the space. In addition, further contrast materials by adding in a classic iron chandelier.

The view of the outside scenery is also ideal for country living room ideas. Make it dramatic by having arched French windows that architecturally complement the vaulted ceiling. Furthermore, make it homey by having an earthen color scheme with the fabrics, rug and other accessories. And lastly, bring in the outdoors by having fresh and vibrant blooms.

Having a mid-century interior concept is like having the best of both worlds of modern and country design. Combination of patterns and vibrant complementary colors are balanced with clean and modern lines, an open layout and a neutral color scheme for the walls and ceiling. In conclusion, this interior concept showcases a great contrast of materials and styles.

2. Country-inspired home décor for your living room

Antique decorations will make a farmhouse-inspired home more captivating. What makes this style perfect is the imperfection cast by the rustic woods made more alive with touches of varied antique accessories set in a random manner.

Country living room ideas can still be achieve even on a budget if you choose a shabby chic concept. Nevertheless, it doesn’t fall short from the aesthetics quality as these decors contain a flea market charm consequently giving off a very welcoming environment. Have these decors in a neutral color scheme to let their pleasing quality shine through.

Finish your look with some simple touch ups. Log pieces and small tree trunks are smart, rustic decorating accents that will certainly bring a warm and inviting feel to everyone. In addition, hang portraits exhibiting Filipino farming and other landscape features to bring the perfect country feel to your home while keeping your Filipino roots.

3. Fabrics to beautify your country living room

Country living rooms are known for the comfort they bring and the inviting aura they project. Fine textures, patterns, and prints achieve the welcoming concept in your living rooms while keeping the classic country style.

Create a cozy corner for you and your family with comforting, tactile textures. From flooring to soft accessories, stick to the grey and brown color scheme for a truly rustic feel. A chunky loop pile carpet not only provides practicality for busy areas but also adds admirable traditional texture that makes your country house a home.

Florals are very well associated with a country-inspired room. Boost the fresh vibe by choosing a bright olive green shade that also gives a beautiful harmony with the floral upholstery and floral rug. Mix and match with stunning furniture and accessories to attain a very desirable country living room atmosphere.

A country living room is the perfect interior style to house your love for plaid. Run it from the ceiling, walls and down to the furniture if you must. A country home is all about expressing yourself yet still having a very comfortable abode. In conclusion, tone down the pattern by having wooden interior structures and other contrasting accessories.

4. Wooden accents for your country living room ideas

Interiors featuring the beauty of wood make a modern and relaxing country lounge area. Let nature inspire you and have a look at light wood effect laminate that’s not only stylish and looks just like real wooden flooring but affordable and easy to maintain too.

Moreover, achieve rustic elegance and texture for your country living room ideas by using reclaimed wood in the interior structures and furniture. Have these reclaimed woods in varied finishes and as a result it gives your living space a warm and diverse atmosphere. Finally, contrast the rough textures with pastel colored fabrics and pretty blooms.

5. Plants for a refreshing country living space

Accomplish an absolute country feeling in your living room by having indoor plants and fresh flowers. These are the total representation of the outdoor scenery ambience very much desired in any country home. Peace ivies, spider plants, and English ivies are tropical plants that can survive the indoors with proper care and maintenance, to name a few. Keep everything natural by pairing these greens with organic interior structures, furniture and accessories.