Living room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Filipinos are sociable and family-oriented in general. So, if you were to ask which part of the house do Filipino families frequent the most, the obvious answer would be the living room (or sala, as most Filipinos call it). Aside from being the area where homeowners welcome and entertain guests, it is also the very space where families congregate for either a chat, lounge session, or to watch television together. And, this the very reason why every Filipino sala needs to combine three things: style, space, and comfort. How to achieve the perfect Philippine sala even with little budget? homify, together with our thousands of home and design professionals, are here to help and answer your questions. Let’s start with these five:

What is the best sofa for a Filipino sala?

Homes in the Philippines vary in style and size, and so do the living rooms. There are many different ways to design a Filipino sala, but if there is one thing that every homeowner should focus on in this all-too-important room, it would have to be the seating. There are many types of seating available on the Philippine market and the most popular ones are the classic couch and the wooden set, which includes upholstery or throw pillows. But, if for those who want to veer away from tradition, L-shaped sectionals combined with ottomans are also a great alternative, especially for small properties.

How can I make my small living room look bigger?

While it’s always a good thing to have big space to work with, having to design a small one also has its advantages. For starters, working with tiny spaces enables one to focus on what is essential. As a result, it allows you to save on money by not having to buy things you don’t actually need. And, to be honest, it is not really that hard making your little space appear larger. Among our favorite fail-safe tricks include using a mirror to create the illusion of capaciousness and painting the walls in light colors to make it seem more spacious.

What are the latest living room design trends right now?

More and more people are adapting minimalism. And not just as a lifestyle and state of mind, but in their home design as well. The minimalist style allows one’s home to be uncluttered, clean, and easy on the eyes. But, more importantly, it lets one focus on things that are essential. Because of the many advantages, it has become one of the most popular interior design trend of the past years and it looks like it will be the go-to style for years to come.

What makes the perfect sala?

While it's true that the sala is not the most intimate place in your home, special attention to its design is still important because this is the place where we actually welcome and entertain our guests. You could say that this is the room that gives our visitors a glimpse into who we are and how we live. With the proper planning, sense of ambition, and persistence, everyone can create a living room that is absolutely perfect for them. Everyone has different ideas, goals, desires, and tastes in life, and by taking stock of these aspects and incorporating them into your room, achieving the perfect design for your family is within the realms of possibility. Any homeowner looking for the ideal living room needs to know exactly what they want from the environment, so that it feels like their personal space every single time they walk into the room.

Where can I find ideas and inspiration for my sala?

homify has all the inspiration and home decorating ideas anyone could possibly need. With homify’s interactive, user-friendly site, a plethora of designs are right there at the fingertips of any customer visiting the website. The exclusive virtual ideabook allows users to play around with styles, view them on screen, and come back at another time to take a fresh look with a clear head if desired. Users can experiment with a variety of different styles, blending modern with traditional, and unconventional with the regular. Good news is that, with homify, all the inspiration for decorating is right there on screen.