Tropical Kitchen

Tropical-inspired rooms are bright, breezy and balmy that tend to incorporate lively colors, plenty of flowers and plants, and decor touches that hint at a laid-back tropical lifestyle. They’re relaxed spaces to be in, and are characterized by warm, natural, organic materials such as wood and rattan. The tropical look encompasses the down-to-earth classic Caribbean styles, which is very similar to the tropical features of the Philippines.

As a fun and smart way to bring the tropical features to our home’s design, the kitchen is one of the most favorable areas of the home to start mixing all the tropical components in. Being the place where all our gastronomical pleasures happen, it’s no doubt that the tropical style will definitely bring more zest and spice to your kitchen. Here are some key components to think about.

1. Tropical colors and themes for your kitchen hub

Tropical kitchens tend to favor an overall design that's bright and airy, incorporating vibrant colors. Color is one of the most important features of a tropical kitchen design. Shades tend to range from base colors of gentle and soothing whites and creams to accents of bold, expressive greens, oranges, blues and yellows for pops of color throughout. White is a predominant wall color, and beadboard is a popular wall choice as well, giving the impression of a beachside cottage or vacation property.

Backsplashes in tropical kitchen decor can be a fantastic opportunity to incorporate both color and artistic expression into the overall design. Mosaics with tropical themes like palm trees, sea life or other flora and fauna of the Philippines can be a great addition, especially if they add bold, colorful accents to complement an otherwise soft and soothing design theme. Similarly, brightly colored tiles in any style, featuring tropical greens, turquoises and blues, can liven up any kitchen design.

2. Lighting is key in your tropical kitchen

Lighting in tropical kitchens is often subtle and soothing, complementing the laid-back color scheme that's often featured. Decorative, task and main lighting can be used to brighten key areas. Low-profile track lighting can be used for main lighting, tropical-themed pendants can hover over the sink, stove and cooking preparation areas, and rope lights or subtle LED lights can lighten up spaces above and below cabinets.

Of course, there’s nothing more tropical than fresh, open natural sunlight and warm breeze. Large windows will provide adequate lighting for your kitchen and will help your electric bills during daytime. Louvered windows are synonymous with the tropical look, and a practical solution in warm, wet climates; so opt for this type since the blades open horizontally, allowing maximum ventilation even in a gentle rain.

3. Tropical-inspired furniture and cabinetry in your kitchen

Furniture and cabinets in tropical kitchens tend to be constructed from hardwoods, in some cases exotic ones that might be found in tropical regions, like ebony, teak, mahogany, wicker, rattan, and bamboo. Fortunately, these materials are greatly abundant in the Philippine areas especially in the coastal regions. Wooden furniture is often kept unfinished or finished in a way that shows off its natural grain and appearance, emphasizing the close connection between life in the tropics and nature.

Cabinetry in tropical kitchens is also more classic and textured than sleek and contemporary. Consider panel and frame or tongue and groove cabinetry in painted wood. Bamboo poles are great for kitchen chairs and a kitchen island made from either hardwood or glazed stones is an ideal tropical kitchen component. Moreover, wood or bamboo ceiling fans evoke a true tropical feeling and are both stylish and practical.

If your kitchen opens onto a garden or deck, consider extending it outside. Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular and amp up the vacation vibe. Through open kitchens, you can incorporate tropical-inspired furniture pieces more. Opt to place a sofa made of rattan and bamboo or even an integrated barbecue for cooking tropical-style feasts.

4. Cool, breezy accessories for your tropical kitchen

Decor for tropical kitchens often reflects a laid-back seaside lifestyle, and the variety of choices is limitless! Curtains, placemats and linens may show off seashell or sea life designs depicted in bright, bold oranges, blues and greens. Actual seashells can be arranged decoratively or used for centerpieces. Artwork often hints at maritime culture or the relaxed flow of the tropics, with seascapes, fishing themes and the exotic birds and other wildlife of the tropics often featured. Woven from natural reed, palm and willow, or manufactured from bamboo, decor including fruit bowls, storage baskets and chairs reflects tropical style in spades.

5. Houseplants to complete your tropical kitchen

To finish the look of your tropical-themed kitchen, never forget the element of the tropics – ornamentals and plants. Think about peace lilies, Japanese bamboos, spider pants, aloe vera, and fresh lavenders. Not only do they bring an aesthetic tropical appeal to your home kitchen, but they also provide protection for the air pollution inside your home.