Mediterranean kitchen: ideas, inspiration & pictures

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  3. Need help with your kitchen?
    Need help with your kitchen?
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  8. Need help with your kitchen?
    Need help with your kitchen?
  9. mediterranean Kitchen by Egue y Seta
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  18. mediterranean Kitchen by Nice home barcelona
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  21. mediterranean Kitchen by Egue y Seta
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Mediterranean Kitchen

home kitchen is where the awesome blend of sweet and savory happens, and what better way to inspire your taste buds than finding a vivid, warm style that matches the fun ambience in the kitchen? A Mediterranean style kitchen is best accented with the spicy, rich colors that are often associated with that region. Taking inspiration from the various countries and climates that border the Mediterranean Sea, this kitchen design is anything but boring. Mediterranean kitchen design appeals to many homeowners, particularly those interested in adding a bright, sunny and relaxing style to their kitchen space. Here are important components to create the perfect Mediterranean kitchen.

1. The blend of colors in your Mediterranean kitchen

There are many directions you can go when creating a Mediterranean color palette. A classic Mediterranean kitchen might feature muted tan, beige or cream walls that mimic the neutral tone of sand. After a wall color is chosen, bold accents and intricate designs begin to make their way into the kitchen space with bursts or blue, red, green, orange and yellow throughout the room. Cabinets, countertops and flooring are typically understated in shades of white, tan or light-colored wood and stone, making room for a more unique style in other aspects of the kitchen design. The key is to think about what you already have in your kitchen, or the appliances and accessories you plan to use, while coming up with your color scheme.

Choose pops of color when selecting kitchen accents—from larger elements, such as a kitchen island base, to smaller items such as throw rugs, dishes and glassware. For instance, a Mediterranean kitchen style might pair a distressed teal wood kitchen island with white countertops, cherry wood cabinets and a white tiled backsplash. It's these surprising design elements that make a Mediterranean kitchen beautiful in its own right.

2. Mediterranean wooden furniture for your kitchen

Furniture in Mediterranean kitchen designs is often constructed from quality hardwood, but many homeowners who feature this relaxed, stress-free design choose to either leave the wood in its natural, unfinished state or to add some weathering to the surface. The option to paint chairs, tables and stools in characteristic Mediterranean colors is also available and can be a great way to brighten up the space. Cabinets are often constructed from high-quality woods like narra and mahogany. They can be left in their natural state, stained or painted to add a colorful element to the design.

3. Accessories and décor for your Mediterranean kitchen

When it comes to accessories and decor for your Mediterranean kitchen design, you'll have plenty of options to continue building on a theme of relaxed enjoyment. Small appliances like coffee makers, mixers and toasters are now available in a wide array of colors, many of which can pair nicely with a Mediterranean design. Cookware, cutlery and large utensils are similarly manufactured to provide a pop of color and some visual interest to your design, so you may want to explore incorporating these throughout your Mediterranean kitchen, whether on countertops, hanging from a storage rack or otherwise displayed.

4. Mediterranean-style kitchen backsplashes

Backsplashes may be terracotta or mosaic tile, and present a great opportunity to add color, visual interest and even an artistic element to the kitchen design. The Mediterranean region and the Philippines have very similar elements;; incorporate these elements to your kitchen backsplash. In particular, mosaics may show off intricate designs displaying scenes redolent of the cultures of the Philippines, with seascapes, fishing scenes or sea life often depicted. Backsplashes are a great way to incorporate lively design flourishes in a Mediterranean kitchen design, with mosaic tile and terracotta being popular choices for materials. Matte finishes may generally prevail over glossy ones in Tuscan kitchen designs, but backsplashes are one area where there may be an opportunity to add a little shine to the design, breaking up an otherwise earthy, laid-back feel with some gleam.

5. Flooring ideas for your Mediterranean kitchen

When it comes to materials, Mediterranean kitchens tend toward natural ones, or at least natural-looking synthetics. Hardwood floors are common, usually in lighter shades to continue a light, bright and welcoming feel. Floors in a traditional Mediterranean kitchen design are often made from terracotta tile, marble or ceramic tile in sandy, natural colors and finishes.

6. Finishing touches for your Mediterranean kitchen

Natural light often gets great emphasis in Mediterranean-style kitchen designs, whether filtered through semi-translucent curtains or windows with no curtains at all. If there are window coverings, they will often be light, bright and airy. Pendant lighting is a great lighting idea to your kitchen. Other natural features, from furniture to flora, are common—window boxes bursting with flowers and rustic tables and benches of raw wood can often be found in Mediterranean kitchen designs. Ceilings may feature exposed wood beams, and countertops will almost always sport matte stone, as opposed to gleaming, high-gloss granite or ceramic.