Kitchen design ideas, inspiration & pictures

In the Philippines, you would often find yourself getting asked “Kumain ka na?” (which translates to “Have you eaten?”) instead of the conventional “How are you?”. Truth be told, Filipinos, in general, are foodies at heart. If we’re not cooking or eating food, you’ll most likely find us talking about it. This is why the kitchen is such an important part of the Filipino household because this is where our favorite dishes like adobo or sinigang are made and perfected. That’s also the reason why this particular part of the house needs to be nothing short of aces, and, here we answer some of the most common questions to help you achieve your dream kitchen:

What to watch out for regarding your kitchen surface?

When choosing your surfaces, remember that they have a number of different functions. For worktops, food preparation will be the most common activity, so choose materials that are easy to clean and resist becoming chipped or scratched by utensils. Common worktop materials include granite and wood, but steel is also preferred in most homes in the Philippines. Stone materials tend to be ideal when using hot pans and trays – as materials like granite can cope with high temperatures easily. However, hardwoods can add warmth and a natural feel to any design. Why not consider a combination, with granite near the hob and oven, and wood for dining surfaces or around the sink?

What should I consider when buying a kitchen?

The most important consideration when buying one is probably who will be using it. If you are building your own for family use, then ensuring that everyone remains safe will be a vital consideration. Keep worktops out of reach, use anti-slip materials where possible, and design the cabinets so utensils cannot be reached by small hands. Durability is also important. Is it important that surfaces might degrade quickly (but look great at first)? If you intend to restyle yours to suit newer tastes, ensuring durability may not be vital, but for many people a new one is a significant financial investment. And, of course, style is a central factor. Create a space that you will adore by focusing on a style that you love and carrying the design through to the end.

How do I design an open plan kitchen?

Designing an open-plan space is a great way to combine cooking spaces with seating and relaxation areas, and is particularly suited to larger homes. In many open plan kitchenette, the main dining area is set aside from the food preparation area – allowing dinner to be enjoyed away from cooking odours. A good way to create this separation is by installing a breakfast bar between the different zones. It also helps to choose the right décor ideas to fill the empty space – and having attractive, comfortable seating is a central consideration.

How do I find the right kitchen planner?

In the past, anyone seeking a custom-made design for their home had to do everything from scratch or seek professional expertise, which always comes with a cost. If you are designing with specific needs in mind such as wheelchair access or child safety, then you might want to consult an interior designer. However, the ideabook and magazine, as well as free consultation page, from homify provides a way to build DIY spaces to your own specifications, using the finest design talents from around the world. Nowadays, you can use the internet to achieve wonders without bringing in kitchen planners to do the hard work for you.

How to decorate small spaces?

Small kitchens present some potential design challenges. Packing everything into a small space can leave little scope for creative design. However, by using intelligent storage ideas such as integrated appliances and wall mounted cabinets or drawers, it is possible to make the most of even the smallest space. Add some charm to a cramped space with strategically placed flowers or shelves showing off your fine porcelain. Get more worktop space by building U-shaped counters and harness natural light to open up the space via windows where possible. With a little thought, you can achieve miracles in a small space.