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Infinity Pool: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Whether it is to spend pleasant moments with friends or family or enjoying from the first rays of the sun or simply relaxing after a long and exhausting week, the truth is that Filipinos love a house with a pool! There are different types of pools, which you can build for you home, but if there is one that is more popular than the garden pool, it would have to be the infinity pool. The best thing about one is the aesthetics: The tropical landscape merges with the waters and tones complete, uniting the sky with the horizon in beautiful shades of green or blue. Whether it's the effect or the design, the truth is that this choice in your home not only makes you feel good, but it increases the value of your property as well! If in the ‘90s this pool was only exclusive to hotels, today it is also present in residential homes. Combined with a wooden deck and the right furniture and quality sun loungers, it can make any house look like a holiday home.

What are the common materials used to build an infinity pool?

The materials used for this type of construction are the same as those chosen for any regular pool. This means that the coatings can be vinyl, glass inserts, ceramics, porcelain, volcanic stones, natural stones, polished stone, and metal. The prices of each finish vary greatly, but it is also worth saying that a pool with hydromassage and the correct finish in reinforced concrete has a much longer life. To build this kind of pool, you have to install a system with gutter and plumbing so that the water is directed to a reservoir, filtered, and then pumped back into the tank. It is also necessary to point out that the space required for this type of construction must be at least 30m².

What do I need to know before building my pool?

Before building your infinity pool you should pay attention to the location of the sun, which, positioned in the northwest part of the terrain allows an even more incredible view of your pool. Another detail that greatly values a project with this type of pool is when the land is located on a slope, combined with the sunset, there will be no cottage, beach or summer resort to take advantage of. For safety reasons, the outer wall of the gutter must be at least 20 centimeters wide to ensure a certain setback, so there will be no risk if someone decides to leave the structure on this side. There is also the "false infinite border" consisting of a system with pebbles. The water in the tank will overflow only if there is movement and it falls into a deep gutter, after the level of the pool is lower, simply refill it, as would be done in any common pool. Traditional version is an electronic pump causes the water to overflow and return to the pool continuously. Adopting this system can make the work more expensive - we suggest getting in touch with the best professionals for pools and spas..

What are the disadvantages of an infinity pool?

One of the drawbacks of an infinity pool is a more complicated and restrictive technical implementation than a traditional swimming pool. Some peculiarities must be inserted for the project to be carried out (intermediate tank, gutters, hydraulic system) and special equipment (level sensor, valves, pump dedicated to this kind of pool), some characteristics that do not exist in conventional swimming pools. Another disadvantage is that the water balance is more volatile, the continuous water overflow has impacts on water quality: It is difficult to maintain a constant temperature - the installation of a heat pump or the heating system (solar, electric, gas or oil) is recommended; PH variations are stronger and the risk of calcification is also greater than in a traditional pool. For one thing, the pool should be equipped with an automatic pH controller. This is not mandatory, but much more comfortable than regulating the pH's manual (1 or 2 times a week). On the other hand, it is necessary to keep the limestone (calcification of the filter and coating) and to make treatments more frequent. Above all, the main structure of the pool requires impeccable masonry work to pass the overflow effect: there are 3 m³ of water discharged per linear meter of overflow. In the end, all these points justify the fact that prices are higher than in a traditional pool.

Any tips for maintaining an infinity pool?

The maintenance care in an infinity pool is almost the same as conventional swimming pools, with some extra observations. The gutter should be waterproofed and coated with the same material chosen for the pool liner (as the water will return to the pool, so it should always be clean). Also, periodic check of gutters, which are usually in more hidden areas, are very important.