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Owning a house is one of life’s biggest achievements. And, because it is one of the most monumental and expensive purchases a person will ever make in his lifetime, it is important to get every single detail right. And it is never easy. From planning to choosing to purchasing to decorating, a lot of things are involved in finally calling a house a home. That’s why it is important to do a lot of research and, if possible, enlist the services of a professional who can help you throughout. So, are you ready to put the deposit down for that dream home? Make sure you’ve answered these important questions first:

What needs to be considered when planning a house?

Budget is a major consideration. People need to be realistic about what they can afford. Once a budget has been set it, you will be able to determine how many rooms can be accommodated, and where is affordable to settle down. Location will also have a bearing on home planning – especially with regards to the weather. Perhaps a particularly sturdy property made from concrete is needed, or maybe a wooden home, which is easy to keep cool is a better idea for a warm climate. Finally, thinking to the future is helpful. Is the family complete, or will extra room be needed to accommodate the pitter patter of tiny feet in the near future? This will influence all choices.

How do I design my dream home?

The design for a dream home needs to come from the head and the heart. A person should pour down on the page all the features that the new home could include, then use common sense and practical considerations to rule out what’s not practical or possible, or out of the budget. Afterwards, they’ll be left with a realistic dream that’s even more exciting for the knowledge that it’s actually achievable.

Should I rent, buy, or build a house?

This is really a personal decision that must be made alone. Budget will be a factor; if a big down payment is out of the question or getting into debt is something to be avoided, renting is probably the best option. Renting might also be the ideal option if people are not wedded to a particular area and don’t know if they want to stay there forever. If a family doesn’t have the time to dedicate to designing a house from scratch, or if their tastes are quite simple and well served by what’s already on the market, then buying is a straightforward option. The biggest dream is building a house. If the budget is flexible, and at least one person involved is the creative sort brimming with home design ideas that just can’t be met by a house that already exists, to design a home and build it could be a dream come true.

How much is a house in the Philippines?

How much a home costs is largely up to the buyer or landlord, and is also influenced by size and location. If looking to buy, a one bed home in a suburban Metro Manila area could be available for as little as ₱500,000, rising to up to ₱20,000,000 for larger properties in more central areas. Renting will cost from the tens of thousands up to to a few hundred thousand pesos a month and with designing and building your own, the sky’s the limit! Build on a budget or splash some serious cash, it really comes down to what ideas prospective builders have, but it tends to be the more expensive option, as it’s necessary to factor in the cost of land, materials and labour, things that aren’t considered with rental or pre-built sale properties.

How do I find the right architect for my building project?

With the number of professionals in the Philippines, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find the right one for your project. One of the most useful tool are the web or local listings to find local companies, talking to at least five and getting quotes from all. The best way to then proceed is going with the architect who can offer the most value for your budget. We have listed some of the best architects here. If you need professional advice we can help you here. For inspiration have a look at our magzine section houses.