Glass-doors: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Glass doors

The overall appearance, convenience and ambience of a home can be changed by doors. They are usually one of the most ignored architectural aspects of a building, however, their design, material, and with the proper finishes contribute to the purpose of exterior and interior rooms. In addition, although the general purpose of doors is the provision of privacy and to create separation, the use of glass doors give a whole new perspective to your living environment.

1. What good does a glass door bring to your home?

A highly significant advantage of glass doors in a home is they permit natural light to penetrate into rooms. This benefit gives a more open appearance and for the occupants, a feeling of spaciousness. Particularly in an area that is limited for space, you can make a room appear larger and give it brightness by installing interior glass doors. When installing, the glass used in making doors is strong, resilient and therefore will not easily crack or break.

Moreover, glass is a product that is mold and mildew resistant and helps in creating a hygienic, clean and maintainable environment in homes and properties. It is simply a case of wiping them down with a cloth and they keep their appearance for many years.

2. Considerations to think about

There are still some considerations to make before committing to glass doors. For starters, think about the level of privacy your neighborhood affords. If you are in a highly populated area, a glass door may not offer you the level of privacy or security you desire. However, placing the door at the back or side entrance of your home may be an ideal solution — offering you the best of both worlds no matter your location.

Speaking of security, there is the concern that glass doors can be broken by possible intruders who are looking to gain access to your home. For this reason, you may want to consider double-paned glass rather than a single pane. This will not only provide you with a higher level of security because it can be harder to break, but the additional insulation will also help to keep the cool air inside your home. This feature may prove to be especially important especially if you’re living in the Philippines.

3. Styles you can choose from

Glass doors do not come in just plainly glass. The styles and designs actually vary from clear and textured to stained, and toughened. Whatever your choice of preference is, these top four choices can surely bring you an idea of the best type of glass door to satisfy your desire.

Textured glass doors provide a nice variation because it allows you to keep the inside of your home private while also featuring a stylish design on your door. Textured glass comes in several varieties including frosted glass which is really common as well as glazed, ripple, beveled, and water glass.

A stained glass is a combination of glass and lead. Pieces of glass featuring different colors and sizes are used during the process. They are secured together with copper foil. In the case of exterior doors, stained glass is often used in combination with wood to get a vintage look.

Clear glass doors obviously offer very little privacy but they definitely look stylish. Most often, this type of glass is used in bathroom showers and as a decorative element for doors made of more solid materials such as wood for example.

To round up the list, toughened glass doors have been treated to be more resistant to breakage and to break in a more predictable way when that happens.

Glass doors can transform your complete environment with different designs and colors. You can determine the style and thickness of the glass you want, depending on its application and if you like, give every room a character of its own.

4. How much does a glass door cost?

The biggest consideration that can influence costs is that of the size and design of the potential area where the glass door is to be attached to. The larger the area, the more materials and labor will be required, and thus the more expensive the entire project will be.

Door prices vary far more than for most home improvement purchases, and consumers may be quoted significantly different prices for the same brand and model door from different manufacturers and retailers.

Prices start at about P15,000-P40,000 for a basic 5'-6' wide sliding glass door, or P35,000-P55,000 for a standard 8' wide door, typically with an aluminum or vinyl frame and options like a screen door or built-in blinds between the panes of glass. With installation, total cost can approximately be around P30,000-P100,000, depending on local rates in your region and the complexity of the project.

Expect to pay P50,000-P200,000 for a 5'-8' sliding glass door that is pre-hung, which means the panels are already framed and everything is installed as a single unit, minimizing breezy cracks and holes.

5. Cleaning and maintenance

It is of great essence that you keep your glass doors clean. Nothing can detract from these stunning doors more than fingerprints and smudges in the glass. If they are used in the interior of your home, you should make sure that you keep fingerprints off of the glass by using a mild glass cleaner regularly.

Exterior doors may require more work to keep clean. Dirt and mud from your back patio can be on the outside of the doors that will require you to hose down the glass. Make sure that you are using a mild soap on the doors and that you do not scratch the frosted areas and damage the design.

Glass doors can be beautiful in the home, but they can also be difficult to keep clean. A regular cleaning schedule will make sure that dirt and smudges are removed promptly. Encourage everyone to use the handles when opening and closing the doors to keep fingerprints to a minimum.