Garden design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Gardens are always a welcome addition to any home. Aside from its aesthetic value, having a home garden can do wonders not just to you and your family, but also the environment. Gardens, of course, come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, and if you ever need help on which one suits your space the most, homify, together with the thousands of landscaping professionals on our website, will be able to answer all your questions about home and gardening. With that in mind, here are some of the most common:

What exactly can I do to my garden?

What you choose to do with yours will largely depend on your own imagination. However, all gardens tend to have certain elements in common. Almost all gardeners will have to choose which mixture of plants to include. Do you want tropical blooms to create an exotic Asian-themed for Philippines’s climate, or do you want to try plants from other parts of the world? Popular additions also include ponds for ornamental fish, as well as rock decor, trellises, seating terraces, as well as water features like fountains are also common. The exact mix will depend upon you. If you love to host barbecues, a cooking terrace is a good idea. For outdoor parties, lawn space and the right furniture are a must.

What are some ways I can spruce up my outdoor décor?

Naturally, there are plenty of ways to use decor to make your outdoor areas look fantastic, so explore the options and make the right accessories a key aspect of your design. Seating is a crucial consideration for anyone who intends to entertain friends or has a family to accommodate, so invest in the right sofas, benches, or hammocks to make your outdoor patio as comfortable as can be. In hot climates like Philippines, running water is a great way to create a cool, relaxed effect so consider installing a fountain. Interesting sculptures are another quirky and creative way to make your hardin look superb.

What about a patio, terrace, and decking ideas?

Good ones balance out natural features like grass and flowers with space to sit and appreciate the outdoors, so patios, terraces and decking are great ideas for most outdoor area designs. Decking can be used to make the transition from the home to the natural world seamless, if you use materials like hard woods. However, you might also choose the elegance of stone surfaces, or even gravel in some circumstances.

What furniture can I use for my garden?

Choose seats, sofas and benches that fit into your chosen style, but always keep an eye on how durable they will be. You can easily find beautiful furniture that is made from long lasting materials like rattan or steel, which will look great and last for years, providing a safe and comfortable way for everyone to enjoy the environment. If you intend to make the most of the sunshine, a strategically slung hammock will be a wonderful way to relax, along with sun recliners and deck chairs. Love seats and rocking chairs make for a romantic option – especially if they have a vantage point across your prize flowers. 

How do I know which plants are right for my home?

Plants can be temperamental, so choose varieties that will thrive in your local area. Tropical flowers will tend to do well in Philippines, but the city’s climate also allows plenty of worldwide blooms to do well. Consulting an expert might be necessary to get the mixture exactly right. You might also choose a few flowers that attract pollinators like bees, to give mother nature a helping hand. For some properties, trees will also be an option. In that case, why not grow some fruit trees to supply fresh produce to your kitchen?

What are some other ideas that I can draw inspiration from?

For some people, the garden space can be a place to grow items for the kitchen. You might want to create a herb farm to make your dishes as fresh as possible, although fruit bushes and trees are also easy to grow and a source of delicious, healthy food. Other ideas might include sheds to store your tools, as well as recreational additions like a swimming pool, treehouse or children’s climbing frame. Essentially, the place to draw inspiration is your own imagination, so think hard about what you have always dreamed of.