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Mediterranean garden: landscaping, inspiration & pictures

Mediterranean Garden

There’s something irresistible about Mediterranean gardens, a sort of casual elegance that makes them one of the most enjoyable styles of gardens around. Inspired by the coastal areas and countrysides of Spain, Italy and France, Mediterranean style have influenced many gardeners with their soft colors, gravel walks, brightly patterned tiles, clipped hedges, drought-tolerant plantings, and not to mention the delightful scent offered by the amazing number of Mediterranean plants with scented leaves. Aesthetically appealing, low-maintenance, and water-wise, a Mediterranean garden is definitely worth the investment in your front or back yard.

1. Shaded seating areas for you Mediterranean garden

Same with the Philippine’s climate, the Mediterranean climate is so agreeable that it is of the essence to place shaded seating areas in your garden. They provide a place to unwind on a balmy summer evening or enjoy coffee with the first rays of sunshine in the morning, and it is imperative that shade is vital in these sun-baked gardens.

Shaded decks and patios are the common structures we see outside of our homes that provide the pleasure of sitting and enjoying your Mediterranean garden. Apart from deck and patios, pergolas are also decorative structures that are ideal for providing the necessary shade. They make striking features, specifically when attractively covered with perfumed, climbing plants like wisteria and jasmine, which scent the evening air when you sit down and relax. Moreover, pergolas convert to seating areas to inviting extensions of the house such as conservatories and back terraces adding intimacy and beauty.

2. The element of gravel in your Mediterranean garden

In Mediterranean gardens, where garden have long coped with too little water for their plants and gardens or with drought periods, lawns have been considerably reduced and replaced with gravel or paving or even a combination of both.

With gravel or paving, it reduces the water usage, and has the incredible advantage of being low-maintenance and making long-lasting attractive mulches.

3. Mediterranean water features for your garden

Water features are essential in Mediterranean gardens to cool the air in the unbearable heat in the Philippines. The gleam of water also adds a delightful dimension to any garden. A trickle of shallow water and a mister on the hottest days are very attractive.

Whether in ornamental ponds, pools, koi ponds, and fountains, the sound and sight of water always provide a breath of fresh air and relief from the long, hot days of the climate. In addition, our friendly living creatures like butterflies, bees, and birds enjoy it too.

4. Mediterranean tiles and pebbles for your garden

The use of pebbles, cobbles, and tiles completely screams traditional Mediterranean landscaping design. Reminiscent of the ancient times and Moorish mosaic, these intricate elements of Mediterranean design are beautifully crafted in our modern gardens for that old Mediterranean feel.

Cobbles and pebbles can be woven into elaborated designs for a pleasingly aesthetic rock garden, and glazed colored tiles may be used to decorate walls and patio floors. Use stones of various colors and sizes that you may lay flat or on edge and create your own design pattern. Also bursting with color, tiles create lively mosaics to create dramatic color accents with their rich combinations of pattern and color.

5. Potted plants to beautify your Mediterranean garden

Terra-cotta pots and jars are a famous feature in a Mediterranean garden. Used as focal points or for container gardening, they come in all possible shapes and sizes, from the simple pot to the large classical garden vases. Select pots with a wide base to ensure that they are not blown over. Favor clay pots that will remain cool by evaporation to plastic posts that will absorb the sun’s heat.

A potted plant has a smaller reserve of water than a grown in a grown, so never forget to water your plants. Add a glazed saucer beneath your pot to hold water in which your plant will happily draw. These potted plants will look beautiful as ornamental decoration in your front yard or back patio.

6. Drought-tolerant plants for your Mediterranean garden

While there are different styles of gardens across the Mediterranean region and thousands of plants to be used, those immediately coming to mind belong to the tranquil color palette of grays, purples, and blue-greens. Some of these heat-loving and drought-tolerant plants that are favored by Filipino homeowners and gardeners include a variety of fragrant herbs as scents is an essential part of a Mediterranean garden.

Yuccas, rock roses, and rosemaries are some aromatic evergreens that produce beautiful flowers in bloom. Lavenders, as the queen of Mediterranean gardens, have delightfully scented flowers. Orange and lemon trees also add a Mediterranean touch to your garden. Morning glory and jasmine plantings can also be added to your pergolas for a beautiful and fragrant dash of ornamentals.

In addition, much of the foliage of Mediterranean plants has needles or is finely textured as a moisture-conserving adaptation. Many of the leaves are coated in a white fuzz, which gives the garden a light-catching, shimmery appearance.

7. Mediterranean-inspired raised beds for your garden

Not only attractive, raised beds are also a fabulous opportunity for creating well-drained sites, an environment Mediterranean plants love. They are also great at breaking the monotony, show plants off to their advantage, and make gardening easier. These raised beds can be formal or informal, dressed with gravel, mulch or even larger boulders.