Garden shed design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Garden shed design and inspiration

The average Filipino house consists of the house itself and a small area for active household activities such as laundry, carpentry, and gardening. While most typical Filipino home owners don’t invest in building additional structures to their property as they have purchased their lot the way it is, some homeowners living on the upmost part of the pyramid have thought of expanding their home and flourishing the possible areas for potential beautification. The best part of the lot area would have to be the backyard or garden area, as your imagination on building new and beneficial structures is limitless. From a fun playhouse to a relaxing gazebo, these structures not only bring added property value to your residence, but also cater your family’s needs. Some homeowners own a large garden space and have a passion for the aesthetic art of gardening; what better way to make the most use out of your garden space than building a garden shed to store all your garden tools and equipment? Today, we showcase you a basic guide as to why garden sheds are essential in a Filipino home and factors to be considered before building it.

1. Garden shed- the definition

What exactly is a garden shed? In architectural terms, a shed is typically a simple, single-story roofed structure in a back garden or on an allotment that is used for storage, hobbies, or as a workshop. With the garden attached to the term, it is a roofed structure usually stored with garden tools and equipment. As reiterated, a garden shed is more than just a place where you can store your gardening tools. You can store other supplies and materials the bulk up the space in your home or garage. For science enthusiasts, you can even do experiments and discovery works with plants in small pots inside your garden shed. The garden shed offers a lot of benefits to your home, as we will discuss further.

2. Its essential benefits

Garden aficionados realize that having a complete assortment of garden equipment and landscaping supplies can make the job more convenient for you. A nice garden shed is really a good place to keep all the gardening items you may be making use of. Listed below are top benefits of owning your own garden shed:

Stores your garden equipment in one spot

It will help a lot to keep your garden tools set up in one place, which is why garden sheds consist of lots of racks and storage segments. If you don’t have a garden shed, most likely you’re keeping garden supplies in the garage or outdoor patio. There may be space inside your kitchen pantry for plant seeds, fertilizer, and smaller plant containers, whereas other small items like scissors and garden gloves are being stored in the washing or service area of your house. When gardening time comes, half of your energy is already spent gathering everything you need. A garden shed in your home will certainly make a great acquisition, particularly if you choose to store all your gardening needs in a reachable and safe location.

Quicker access to all that you need

Everything is close by when you need your gardening equipment. This is also another good reason to get your very own garden shed. Sheds feature lightweight set ups and design, so your equipment, planting supplies, fertilizers and seeds are within arms’ reach. You can put your garden shed right alongside your garden plot so that you save time and effort assembling all the stuff you’ll need.

Controls clutter and improve aesthetic appeal

If you don’t have a garden shed, all the litter could become a huge eyesore. Besides, why go through the trouble of building a charming garden filled with vivid hues and abundant greenery when you’re simply going to fill the surroundings with tools, sacks, and pots. With your own garden shed, it is easy to stash away all your supplies and then make the backyard look really tidy and decent.

Clears up some storage space

Our assumption is that your garage or the back of your house are packed with lots of stuff you do not use regularly, and that includes items you need for gardening and backyard work. A garden shed can offer lots of additional space for storage so you do not need to deal with a disorderly garage. Larger sized garden sheds will even have added space for stacking chairs and tables, and that is really perfect if you enjoy unwinding outdoors whenever the weather is favorable. We know of many homeowners who actually acquire garden sheds to use as a storage area for seasonal objects such as Christmas trees and decor, ice coolers, sports equipment, and dog crates.

3. Considerations to be well-thought about

There are a number of factors to consider and to take into account before making your purchase including size, price, materials used, and design. Narrow down your options to find the right choice for your specific situation.

Price vs. quality in outdoor garden sheds

Don't let the price of outdoor storage sheds be the determining factor for you. Some shoppers, once drawn to the cheapest price, immediately thereafter put blinders on and ignore alternatives. Outdoor storage sheds sided with cedar and vinyl, the highest quality sidings, are only a few thousand pesos more than outbuildings sided with lower-quality materials.

Design of outdoor garage sheds and house design

Remember that these structures are not merely for storing gardening tools away. In addition to their usefulness, the appearance of outdoor garden sheds affects the overall appearance of the property on which they are installed. As such, the unit you choose should be of a design that complements your home. Select one with a rustic design for a country-style house. If your house’s style is more formal, select an outdoor garden shed with formal features to match.

Before installing, consider building codes and the like

Become acquainted with zoning ordinances, deed restrictions and building codes. In most cities in the Philippines, a building permit is required. Building codes may determine how far storage units must setback from property lines and what materials are acceptable for siding.

Size does matter

Make sure the entry to the unit is wide enough to accommodate your largest piece of equipment with room to spare. Many outdoor storage structures that are at least 8 feet x 10 feet come with double doors; thus, eliminating this concern.

4. Choosing the right materials for your garden shed sidings

As much as size, price, building permits, and designed are to be considered greatly, choosing the right material for your garden shed is a big must as well. Especially with the Philippines climate, whether it’s rainy or sunny and anything in between, finding the right material for the sidings is undeniably important for a longer lifespan of the shed. We have provided some options along with its pros and cons:


Natural wood is considered by many the most attractive siding for storage units, yet wood exposed over time to water usually rots. Some woods, however, contain natural resins that make them relatively rot-resistant. Cedar is such a wood and very popular as a siding choice for storage units. But even cedar siding is not maintenance-free. Coat cedar with a UV-inhibiting sealer every other year to protect it from ultraviolet solar radiation. Apply a clear stain, as well, to help preserve its natural beauty.


For nearly maintenance-free storage units, vinyl is the preferred siding. Vinyl lacks the visual appeal of wood; but if you own a house with vinyl siding, why not select a storage unit that is also sided with vinyl? However, vinyl will get dirty over time, making it even less attractive. Mold is often the culprit. Take into account the maintenance required to clean the vinyl periodically.


Due to their susceptibility to rust, steel storage units should be avoided. Among metal storage units, rust-free aluminum is usually the most sensible choice in siding. Metal siding is hardly the most visually appealing choice.


Particle board and plywood are composed of pieces of wood products that have been pressed and glued together. Although they are popular siding materials for storage units, they are not most people's first choice in regions where it rains a lot.

5. Windows, floors, and of course, the roof

Garage shed sidings are important parts of the structure; but windows, doors, and the roof are significant parts as well. Thus, the sturdiest materials need to be incorporated to these parts of the structure.


When investigating garden sheds, check that specially toughened glass is used, as ordinary, horticultural glass breaks easily, could be costly to replace after installation and could be a hazard, especially if you have small children that play in the garden.

Roof and Roof Coverings

The roof is the first line of defense against weathering, so it pays to make sure that you have the best quality possible, particularly against the rainy Philippine weather during the months of June to October. The roof should be solid, strong and ideally not made from man-made material such as chipboard or strand board as this can sag and deteriorate very quickly, especially if penetrated by moisture. High quality, mineralized roofing felt, cedar shingles or slate effect tiles should be used as they will not tear or sag and will help to reduce maintenance in the future, lasting anywhere between 25-35 years.


You should ensure that the timber bearers that support the floor of the structure are pressure treated and evenly and sufficiently spaced to support the floor. Avoid chipboard and other sheet materials as these will rot prematurely. You should consider how you will use the structure and what you intend to store within it. You can even consider heavy duty flooring as this will offer even more longevity than a standard strong timber floor or a concrete base.

Investing on the construction of a garden shed can bring lots of benefits to any home owner! Always keep in mind these factors that we have provided and you’re on the right path to building that perfect garden shed to your home.