Flat roof design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Sleek and modern, the flat roof is every bit the definition of form and function. For warmer places such as Southeast Asia or the Middle East, where this type of roof shape is most common, it is the cooler alternative to the more popular gable roof, plus it is also the cost-effective option. Also called a built-in roof, the flat roof usually requires fewer timber structures. In addition to that, it ensures greater ease of project execution and requires less manpower, which makes it, without a doubt, the excellent choice for Filipinos building a home on a budget.

Flat roof or gable roof?

Used in countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Hong Kong, and even parts of the Philippines, the flat roof shape is a very good option for hot and dry countries. Aside from the fact that it is cheaper to build, it is also a solution for properties that lack space. In the Philippines and other parts of Asia, the rooftop is often used for gatherings, as well as laundry and storage areas. Recently, rooftop gardens and farms are also sprouting in urban areas, while others utilize the space to install solar panels.

What are the most common materials used for a flat roof?

Fiberglass is the most common type of roofing tiles for building roofed houses. Lighter and more elongated, fiber cement tiles ensure ease of installation and require less perforations and structures in wood, which guarantees savings, time savings and lower labor costs. Among its main advantages include durability and resistance, it is easy to install, they offer the possibility of being painted, can be sold in complete kits for fixing and finishing, can be used for side closures, ensure excellent corrosion resistance, and provide acoustic comfort. Meanwhile, there is the PVC tiles. Aside from its versatile quality, it is also easy to transport and install. On the other hand, the disadvantages of PVC tiles can be associated with the need to have a covering with a lining or slab to provide thermal and acoustic comfort to the dwelling. In addition, it can be structured in wood, metal tiles or reinforced concrete. Each of these models calls for a specific design for the installation of the beam system. To understand the best solution for your home, it is essential that you have specialized professionals.

What is the cost of a flat roof?

In general, this type of roof demand less cost with wood, one of the main elements of these constructions. While in a house of 120 m² with gable roofing, the cost with timber will be around 65 thousand pesos, for houses with flat roof, the estimated cost is around 30 thousand pesos. A fairly large economy that can be reallocated to other needs. The cost with Italian tiles for a two-piece roof reaches an average of 35 thousand pesos. The cost of asbestos cement roof for housing of 120 m² is on average 25 thousand pesos. With the installation of asbestos cement tiles, there is a need to have a good thermal blanket. The estimated cost for the installation of this material can be more or less cheaper. Finally, it is also worth considering the installation of gutters throughout the roof, since the lack of slope of the structure can lead to the easy accumulation of rainwater.

How to find a reliable roofing company?

Installing the type of roof you have chosen is one of the main concerns you should have with your home. Therefore, being careful to find good roofers is essential, not only for the aesthetic beauty of housing, but also for the safety of the residents themselves. In addition, partnering with specialized professionals can ensure large savings in budget, targeting the best materials, supervision in the workforce and possible corrections before finalizing the work. In general, asking for recommendations from friends or specialized pages is always a good way, as long as you can have examples of perfectly executed jobs. A good indication in the pages of professionals, are the comments left by old satisfied customers or even possible complaints. Always remember that homify offers pages specialized in the construction not only of flat roofs, but also roofing of apartments, gable roofs, half-water roofs and four-sided roofs. If you want to see more roof inspiration for your home, click here.