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Built-in-kitchens: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

In a built-in kitchen, you will find all the integral elements, such as equipment and appliances. These are all constructed installed and incorporated to the permanent structure. Everything is fitted and customized in their respective strategic locations. A built-in kitchen island is a great addition if you have enough space to accommodate it. It provides a lot of extra storage and the much needed surface area of counter space advantageous for food preparation. And, if you plan it really well and work your numbers and dimensions, adding some seating such as barstools, you'll even have a bar counter you can squeeze in that space giving you another additional function. If you want to see more kitchen, click here.

What are your basic guidelines in choosing a built-in kitchen?

The three Major elements in the kitchen is the washing, refrigeration, and cooking. Building a kitchen will always be based on your budget and the amount of space you have. But there are many ways to be creative and make the most of your resources. You should always consider how much space is allocated for each area. Planning bigger areas are always easier since it can accommodate most of your ideas. Smaller spaces gives you restrictions and limitations, but that does not mean you can’t get what you need. Creativity goes a long way. Knowing your priorities will keep you on track and you'll be surprised at what you can achieve with minimal space, a well planned budget and a lot of creativity. Finally, consult with kitchen planners to find out which fits best for your space.

How to choose a kitchen sink for your built-in kitchen?

All the areas are equally important. The sink for example is the core of being ecologically conscious. Instead of using disposables, washing and reusing is always the best way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Double basin sinks are great for large kitchens with big families or places occupied with a lot of people. Usually this means there is always food being prepared and it comes in large batches. At the end of it all, there will be a lot of dishes to be done. And Deep Double Basin Sinks will help you manage this sometimes overwhelming task of dish washing. Remember that you will also need some counter space on both sides to make it convenient for all those stacked dishes pots and pans. The most common materials used for sinks are stainless steel. Good quality affordable stainless steel sinks are readily available. Its dependable and durable. But if you are looking for that extra kick, the extra touch of lux, you might want to invest in a farmhouse sink. Like kitchen units, they are becoming more popular these days because it makes such a great statement. Pairing it with the right faucet will make such an impact that washing the dishes will become so pleasant.

How to choose your major appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and ovens?

Like anything involved with technology, the variety available to consumers with regards to refrigeration or kitchen equipment for the matter is of the charts. Choose refrigerators with freezer drawers because it holds so much more and utilizes the space very well than the cabinet type. You’d also want the none refrigerated items to be close by. Making moving around, gathering ingredients and all the elements of food prepping as smooth and efficient as possible. For cooking and heating, methods for food preparation is so vast that its important to decide what is essential and necessary for the lifestyle you lead. Regarding stoves, you can place it on the countertop, allocate space for a stand alone burner with oven or a build in unit fused and customized to your counter. This applies to ovens as well. Small electric ovens are very economical and larger built in ovens give you more versatility and cooking capacity. Take in consideration that besides paying for the oven unit, you'll have to pay for installation and the corresponding materials you will need as you install the unit. Either way, being well informed of your dimensions, knowing your budget and a detailed plan will help you decide which option is the best for you.

How to choose the right counter top surface for your kitchen?

For those working on a limited budget, that doesn't mean you can't have a great looking functional kitchen. Using large tiles are a reasonable option. There is a wide variety of patterns, finishes and colors to choose from. Though there are a lot of materials to choose from, such as Granite, Marble, Quartz,Solid surface, Laminate, Concrete, Wood, Tiles. Glass or Metal. We’re going to focus on the four we would personally consider using.

Granite instead of marble. Because marble is a limestone and its is susceptible to erosion. Granite is a more durable surface, resistant to heat and scratches.

If you are trying to save on cost, I recommend choosing tile over laminates. You can get the durability, heat and scratch resistance of solid or stone surfaces provided you choose the right tile.

Last but not the least, Wood or concrete countertops are full of personality. If you want a reasonable vintage or industrial look, then this could be the countertop for you.

How do you make the most of your built-in kitchen?

This advice applies to all types of spaces. Storage is the key to an efficient and organized system. Built in storage should be unobtrusive in the day to day traffic of the space. You wanna make your storage work for you by making it hold plenty so that your space it looks like it holds nothing. Storage is the central focus of any construction. It is usually very detailed and meticulous. To be effective, it should Mimic origami where everything folds up and down and flips in and out making space for options. Limited budgets opt for shelves. a few planks and some brackets can provide place holders for the items you most frequently use since its open and easily accessible. Although having open shelves does require you to be more organized since everything is displayed out in the open. Should you need a cloak over your clutter, cabinet doors are easy to install. You can be creative with combining your finishes and handles. Its a good way to create a facade for your kitchen. Put baskets and bins to help you with sorting. Drawers are the best if you want to utilize heights of your allocated space. This is where you can really have a place for everything. Here you have so many little gadgets and accessories and you feel you need them all. The most important part of it is keeping clean and organized. Putting away everything after use will make your life in the kitchen pleasant and enjoyable for all those cooking memories.