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Boys Bedroom: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Boy's Bedroom design and inspiration

“Boys will be boys”, they say. Our little boys will act silly, be dirty, and play outdoors like there’s no tomorrow! Though these young lads like to have fun under the sun, they won’t probably admit that they wish to have their own bedroom and style it with their room décor of choice. While most Filipino families prefer to sleep together all in one room, it is no denial that creating an extra bedroom for our youngsters can be a great investment since they will need that as they grow older. Boys, in specific, long to have their personal space for sleeping, studying, and of course, indoor recreation. It follows that their space should be a reflection of their little personalities. It’s easy to get lost in the world of children’s interiors which is why we’ve listed some great tips on creating a fun, practical, and comfortable bedroom for your little kid!

1. Explore your imagination with fun themes

Whether it’s sports, the great outdoors or super heroes, themes for a boy’s room should be adventurous and fun. When designing your kid’s room, look to what he loves and what he’s interested at. Celebrate your son’s individuality by showcasing his interests, whether basketball or computer games, taekwondo or model airplanes.

Boys love anything and everything related with sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, and even Judo Karate. Why not collect a few accessories from his favorite sport and display it in shelves, or even have a wall mural that is adorned with team players playing the game? Maybe frame up autographs of your son’s favorite player and hang it to the bedroom wall? Or even go all out if your son is madly in love with soccer and place a kiddy goal net at the edge of his bedroom? The options are unlimited when it comes to sports! With these fun sports bedroom ideas, rest assured that you would change the boring atmosphere of your kid’s room and transform it to a fun place where he can relax and enjoy his sports interests.

Playing computer games is one more hobby that boys love to do. Try incorporating characters from the game to his room by purchasing small figures and displaying it on shelves and side tables. You can even get him a game themed set of bed linens.

Take ideas from your son’s aspirations in life too. Does he want to be an airplane pilot or a marine captain when he grows up? Integrate components in your boy’s bedroom that will scream “pilot”, “captain”, or whatever he wants to be. Display airplane and ship models or maybe hang wall murals of ship docks and plane cockpits. The ideas are boundless when it comes to getting imaginative with your son’s ambition!

2. Get creative with your colors

Choosing the right color scheme is as significant as the other essential components of your kid’s bedroom. It is important that it matches the theme you are aiming for in the room. Ideally, boys love the color blue, so you can settle with the safe choices which are shades of blue. Sky blue on the walls layered with bed linens, curtains and other accessories in a darker shade of blue will create a strong look he will love. You can add a pop of vibrant colored pattern with pillows. Other classic neutral colors include brown and grey. Bright shades of orange and red are great options that can create a space for your young lad to love through the years of his growth. If your son’s bed sheets are screaming with prints, you better stay with a clean, basic wall pattern or one with a single or double stripe on the bottom edge. You can also go all out with multiple colors and patterns on your kid’s wall but keep the other parts of the room under minimal designs. Choosing wood as a central material in the room expresses earthy vibes in the room and is one creative option too.

3. Functional furniture is the choice

Every bedroom needs a bed, a bedside table, and a dresser. Beyond the basics, take a look at your child’s daily activities and decide what they need from there. Consider your goals for the room’s function, theme, and style when choosing furniture.

Multipurpose furniture, especially pieces with built in storage, makes efficient use of space. A bed with built-in headboard shelves or under-bed drawers does double duty. The usual double-purpose bed in the Philippines ranges from 16,000-12,000 pesos. A shelf beneath a nightstand is a great place to store a stack of favorite books or to hold a basket full of toys and stuffed animals.

The playing area and study area can all be in one corner of the bedroom. You can set up a play table for your son while it also acts as a study table for his homework. Built-in wooden shelves are great for holding toy cars and small books. Plus, wood hides fingerprints and is available in a wide range of shades.

4. Cool decorating ideas

A boy’s bedroom should be a reflection of his unique spirit; hence, decorating the room is one great way to express it. Hanging up chalkboards, educational posters, and maps are great examples because not only does it bring vibrancy to the room but it also gives convenience to his learning progress as a child. Moreover, personalizing your kid’s bedroom with fun and spunky wall and bed decors will also show his personality.

One easy way to personalize your son’s bedroom is to display photos of him playing his favorite sport or taking part on a musical recital. You can also gather your child’s prized collections together and display them in small vignettes around the bedroom. Keep in mind that collections have a tendency to grow, so plan ahead in optimizing space. Furthermore, you can make your son feel special by using his name as a wall décor. Try incorporating it to a wall mural or stencil his initials on the wall. You can also spell out his name in big block letters along a shelf. Hang his precious art drawings and paintings on one side of the wall too.

As for bed sheets, one cool idea is purchasing bed linens with prints that your son is crazy about. Racing, for instance, is his main interest, so purchase sheets and pillows with printed race cars or cartoon racing characters.

Lighting decors are very important as well. Place a cool table lamp by his bed side and one on his workplace area. You can even go creative by attaching tiny lighting bulbs along the bedroom wall.

Always plan ahead. While he may love all the things sports now, he may be into marine animals or rocket ships next month. To keep up with his new interests, choose a versatile rug, window curtains, and quilts that will look great with lots of sheeting possessions and new toy collections.

5. Clever storage ideas

Smart storage is the key to keeping your son’s bedroom and play spaces ready for action any time. From getting dressed up and studying to playing games and doing projects, it’s necessary to make it convenient for your kids to know where their belongings are so they can develop a sense of independence from being able to take control of parts of their routine. In addition, well-designed storage makes it easy for them to pick up things and put them away. Here are a few things to consider when designing storage solutions to optimize space in your child’s bedroom:

Open and closed storage are essential. Open shelves are great because they double as display space and storage for your kid’s colorful belongings. They also tend to keep the room feeling more open and spacious. On the other hand, closed storage, such as drawers and cabinets, is vital too. Your kid’s belongings that have less visual appearance can be kept there.

Kiddy activities should be within reach. Make sure you are considering the room from your child’s height so it’s easy for them to reach the things they want. For instance, on a set of shelves, put the toys and books they’ll play with every day on the lower shelves, and reserve the top shelf for items such a framed photos and knick knacks that are meant for display.

Portability needs to be ensured. For items such as building blocks or art supplies that will be often used on workspaces, make sure you provide easily portable buckets that your son can move around.

Organization is the key. Make sure it’s easy to keep your son’s belongings organized by setting storage systems. Label your storage bins or use color coded containers for your kid’s easy access.