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Scandinavian bedrooms design ideas, inspration & pictures

Scandinavian Bedrooms

Elegant, simple and beautiful; the unassuming charm of Scandinavian style draws us all in instantly. The classic Scandinavian design places functionality above aesthetics and keeps color to a bare minimum. In fact, minimalism is an inherent feature of this style, making it absolutely perfect for contemporary homes that love to veer towards the minimal. But over time, homeowners have cleverly combined other styles with the Scandi approach in decorating to create a multitude of styles that bring a distinct personality to each part of your home, especially your bedroom.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and it is the perfect place to explore Scandinavian design with its clean, minimalistic style along with pops of colors and textures that bring a more personalized vibe to your bedroom. Here are a few good tips in designing your bedroom space the Scandinavian way.

1. The key elements to your Scandinavian bedroom

In Scandinavian interiors, the emphasis is on magnifying natural light, so a repetitive color palette of whites, beige, cool blues and soft grey is a good choice to use throughout your bedroom. If you’re looking for bedroom paint ideas, darker, earthy shades of charcoal, brown, navy and black can be used sparingly as accent colors for furniture and accessories, providing light and shade and creating visual interest. Remember, a huge emphasis is placed on white bedroom ideas and color schemes, so it may be best to start with white or off-white walls as the base.

Scandinavians have a real appreciation of natural, raw materials, from ceramic, clay, wood and stone to tactile linen, wool, felt and fur. Floors and walls are neutral in color, whether it’s a dark ceramic floor to contrast against pale walls, or wooden floorboards that have been whitewashed or polished to bounce light around a room. Window treatments are simple and pared back to let in as much light as possible

2. Bold and earthy colors for your Scandinavian bedroom

One amazing feature of Scandinavian bedrooms is the neutral backdrop that they offer, making it possible for you to decorate with statement pieces and sculptural additions in a truly exquisite fashion. It is almost like a blank canvas that is waiting to be filled with personality and distinct identity. Color is a great way of doing this, but make sure that you do not go overboard in this regard. When it comes to Scandinavian bedrooms, it is always curated pops of color that work best. With blue currently being the hottest hue in Scandinavian homes, this is a smart way forward. Once the accent hue has run its course, you can switch it out for another seasonal hotshot.

Tonal colors are in too. Use rustic details and earthy colors to make an urban bedroom welcoming and inviting. The mysticism of northern folklore meets pale timbers, sleek lines and beautifully simple shapes. Don’t be discouraged when sourcing salvaged wood – even when damaged, wood can often be restored to its former glory. Also, a black bed frame makes for an interesting change from the traditional white.

3. Space-saving Scandinavian bedrooms

Adapting a Scandinavian style is not just about aesthetics alone, and it also gives an ergonomic advantage for those with a small bedroom. If you are short on space, the inherent simplicity of the Nordic style, its use of a neutral color palette with white being the predominant color, and the shunning of unnecessary accessories and decor are indeed big advantages. Yet, because of the wide use of push rugs, wooden bedside tables and ample natural ventilation, your small bedroom will neither seem sterile nor dreary.

Efficient use of space is something that the Scandinavian style places a premium on and this is precisely why you see even the biggest bedrooms with this style ending up using only the square footage that is absolutely necessary. Once again, you can turn to bedding or an accent wall in cool, pastel hues to add color to this tiny, curated setting

4. Tantalizing textures for your Scandinavian bedroom

There are ways beyond color to give your bedroom visual contrast, and turning to a multitude of textures is an added bonus when it concerns Scandinavian style. Plush cowhide rugs, accent walls draped in wood, and a hint of shimmering copper in the form of a cool pendant light are all trendy ways that you can decorate your Scandinavian bedroom. Think of pieces such as smart nightstands, which make a really big impact on the overall ambience of the bedroom while fitting into the Nordic style perfectly.

Create a fusion of Scandinavian and Filipino by incorporating minimal wood-structure pieces and accents like a wooden desk or a carved trunk of a tree as an accent table for accessories and other personal belongings. Also consider picking a bed frame that is sleeker and made using natural wood. This way, you can enjoy the sleek approach of Scandinavian style while staying to your roots as a Filipino with earthy, warm wood furnishings.

In addition to more designs about texture and lines, Scandinavian bedrooms that feature a nifty sleigh or platform bed are to be loved about, as this instantly becomes the focal point of the room without trying too hard. Hire an interior designer to gather professional help in adding an exposed brick wall that is painted white, custom bedside pendants, a few black and white posters and an understated nightstand to complete a truly relaxing, nature-centric bedroom design that is distinctly Scandinavian.

5. Back to the basics with your Scandinavian bedroom

While white needs no introduction in Scandinavian-style interiors, do not underestimate the importance of black and gray in the overall scheme of things. Black anchors the room, helps define and highlight the architectural features of your choice, and offers the ideal visual balance. Shades of gray enhance this seemingly monochromatic look and give the posh, minimal Scandinavian bedroom a more contemporary and sophisticated aura. Complement this approach by using a simple backdrop , chic floating shelves, and a sleek walk-in closet that disappear into the pale background for a dream bedroom!