Mediterranean bedroom: architecture, ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. Blue Room : mediterranean Bedroom by Constantin Design & Build
  2. Chateau de Boudreault Master's Bedroom 2 : mediterranean Bedroom by Constantin Design & Build
  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  4. Chateau de Boudreault Master's Bedroom 1 : mediterranean Bedroom by Constantin Design & Build
  5. mediterranean Bedroom by Egue y Seta
  6. mediterranean Bedroom by Ossigeno Architettura
  7. mediterranean Bedroom by Nocera Kathia rendering progettazione e design
  8. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  9. mediterranean Bedroom by Design Arc Interiors
  10. mediterranean Bedroom by Andrea Tommasi
  11. mediterranean Bedroom by Home Deco Decoración
  12. mediterranean Bedroom by Giuseppe Iacono Architetto
  13. mediterranean Bedroom by Giuseppe Iacono Architetto
  14. mediterranean Bedroom by Nice home barcelona
  15. mediterranean Bedroom by Studio D73
  16. mediterranean Bedroom by NVT Quality Build solution
  17. mediterranean Bedroom by Ebru Erol Mimarlık Atölyesi
  18. mediterranean Bedroom by ICON INTERIOR
  19. mediterranean Bedroom by Egue y Seta
  20. mediterranean Bedroom by Nice home barcelona
  21. mediterranean Bedroom by Studio D73
  22. mediterranean Bedroom by INTERPRIKA
  23. mediterranean Bedroom by Ирина Рожкова - частный дизайнер интерьера
  24. mediterranean Bedroom by ROSA PURA HOME STORE
  25. mediterranean Bedroom by dmesure
  26. mediterranean Bedroom by Civicocinquestudio
  27. mediterranean Bedroom by 思為設計 SW Design
  28. mediterranean Bedroom by Bloomint design
  29. mediterranean Bedroom by Bloomint design
  30. mediterranean Bedroom by Студия интерьерного дизайна
  31. mediterranean Bedroom by Bloomint design
  32. mediterranean Bedroom by 陶璽空間設計
  33. mediterranean Bedroom by 陶璽空間設計

Mediterranean Bedroom

Few design styles capture romantic beauty, images of idyllic seaside retreats, sparkling white sand and plenty of sunshine like the Mediterranean. Inspired by the region and its unique blend of cultures and rich heritage, modern Mediterranean style is in reality a fusion of the best elements. As the idea of Mediterranean interiors instantly takes us to secretive, secluded courtyards and airy terrace spaces overlooking the distant coastline, it is indeed a perfect theme for the serene and stylish bedroom. With endless choices in terms of colors, textures and specific styles, here are ways in which you can give your bedroom a Mediterranean-inspired elegance.

1. The diverse style of your Mediterranean bedroom

Before you start dreaming about your Mediterranean-style bedroom, it is important to understand that the overall style is a fusion of several different sub-styles. You can opt for exciting, colorful and classic Spanish influences, or a Greek style with deep blues, turquoise and plenty of white. There is also the Mediterranean-Italian style that seems to bring home the dreamy, old world charm of Tuscany, while bold Moroccan influences take the bedroom in an entirely different direction. To give back to your own roots, incorporate Filipino interior touches to your Mediterranean bedroom. Add more bamboo accents, sea-inspired curtain drapes, and even paintings featuring famous coastal areas in the country. Have clarity about the inspiration for your Mediterranean bedroom before getting started.

2. Go out with Mediterranean colors for your bedroom

There is a popular idea going around that Mediterranean-style interior as a rule must have a pristine, white backdrop. The many luxury villas from the coast of Greece to Ibiza might have a big role in shaping this global perception, but that is barely the truth. In fact, Mediterranean bedrooms look even cozier with vibrant, earthy shades. If you are decorating with Spanish and Moorish influences, then bold oranges and brilliant blues are almost a must.

If you have opted for a neutral backdrop or do not wish to change the existing one in your bedroom, it is time to bring in vibrant and audacious splashes of azure, coral, terracotta, lavender, rich yellow, and fiery red to usher in that timeless Mediterranean style. Color is a very important and integral part of the region’s effervescent lifestyle, and it automatically translates into design as well. Just think of a lovely sunset on the Mediterranean coast or its vivid orange gardens and you instantly have a color palette to emulate!

3. Mediterranean feel to your bedroom’s walls, floor, and decor

Nothing says Mediterranean like plastered walls, and their warm visual appeal makes them the ideal choice for the bedroom. Textured walls and decor play a very important role in shaping your Mediterranean bedroom. This is one style that is equally comfortable with a sleek, refined look or a space that embraces all the frills and heavy overtones.

Rustic wooden accessories, wrought iron light fixtures, wall sconces, and rich wool and silk textiles drive the opulent look home. Also try a few mosaic additions or some artwork that uses colorful tiles for your flooring. Make sure that the floor is not too sterile and cover it with some lovely Moroccan rugs to usher in pattern and vitality.

4. Rustic iron charm for your Mediterranean bedroom

No matter which Mediterranean style you adopt, a touch of iron works magic in the bedroom! Of course, with many modern reinterpretations of the style, this has been put aside to shape sleeker and more urban spaces. The classic Mediterranean-style bedroom benefits from wrought iron additions that might range from a gorgeous bed to decorative banisters and chandeliers. Once again, the accents that you choose depend on the region from which you have adopted the style, and the right lighting fixtures accentuate their appeal elegantly.

5. The elements of light and nature to your Mediterranean bedroom

When we talk about Mediterranean homes, a common theme that comes to mind instantly is the flood of natural light that illuminates the interior. Mediterranean-style bedrooms need plenty of natural light to look their natural best. If your bedroom has poor natural ventilation, then use glossy finishes, mirrored surfaces and an uncluttered design scheme to make it seem as visually airy as possible. Large, white, sheer curtains can replace heavier drapes to usher in more light as well.

Also, nature and the outdoors play a very important part in almost every branch of the style, and hence adding a lovely potted plant in the bedroom sure helps give the space an authentic look. Wall art with images from the region or old paintings from the local flea market that relate to the Mediterranean are affordable and easy decorating choices.

Mediterranean is not just one style and is in fact a rich amalgamation of a diverse region with many cultures, traditions and nationalities. Yet the influence of each of these different cultures on the other, the region’s climate and its lifestyle have produced a cocktail that is quickly becoming one of the hottest styles on the planet. Mediterranean bedrooms take you a step closer in understanding and appreciating this diversity. Easy to achieve, affordable and soothing, it is hard to turn away from their charm!