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Country style bedrooms: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

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Country Bedroom

Got a yen for farm living? An affinity for casual comforts? Or a love for simple spaces that invite lingering? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might discover that country style is the style for you. The style's easygoing elements are well-suited to creating serene country bedroom designs ranging in attitude from carefree to chic. Because country bedrooms feature a timeless appeal, it's simple to create bedrooms that reflect your personal design aesthetic and your personality. Though country style is adaptable, there are some basic design strategies, elements, and decorations that you will want to keep in mind when creating a country bedroom.

1. Basic designing options for your country bedroom

Whatever type of house you are living in, its interiors can accommodate country bedrooms when style-apt backdrops are in place. If you like light and airy looks, add white-painted beadboard panels or tongue-and-groove boards to ceiling and walls. If your tastes run toward warm and cozy, opt for rough-hewn beams and walls covered with salvaged barn boards.

Prefer something more modern? Dress bedroom walls with horizontally set unstained pine planks or paint walls a neutral hue. Install substantial but plainly profiled moldings and make them stand out by staining or painting them a different tone than adjoining walls. You can even lay random-plank oak or reclaimed heart pine floors; or, since farm living is about making do with what you have, give worn floorboards a lift with coats of white or black paint. Whenever possible, incorporate architectural details that promote been-around-awhile character.

If you’re remodeling an attic bedroom, storage can be a bit tricky – after all, it’s hard to position a wardrobe under a sloped ceiling. To counteract this problem, use chests of drawers as bedside tables – a clever trick to maximize space and keep the room uncluttered.

Moreover, traditional country farmhouses are valued for their deep and sweeping areas to kick back, and enjoy pastoral panoramas. There's no better way to duplicate this sit-awhile sensibility than by equipping your bedroom with large windows for adequate lighting and an enjoyable view and complimenting it with a comfortable rocking chair.

2. Close-to-nature elements for your country bedroom

A country house is most at home in a rustic environment. In the Philippines, you'll find them perched on the edge of a highland area, skirting a coastal area, or nestled among a forest of coconut trees. If you can't pick your surroundings, you can certainly pick wide-plank wood floors, weathered ceiling beams, and paneled walls to incorporate on your bedroom.

These architectural features go a long way toward creating a pleasing rustic shell. In addition, the country decorating style prizes wood in its natural state, mixing the textures of knotty pine with quarter-sawn oak and rough birch bark, for example, to emulate the feeling of living in a tree house. Opt for naturally finished shaker cabinets, black iron hardware, and textured glass cabinet doors, which are great elements to create a light, airy, and modern country look for your bedroom.

3. Primitive patinas for your country bedroom

Successful country bedrooms come about when you decorate with things you have on hand, inherited and found furnishings, and repurposed objects that contribute fetching, functional forms. Use antiquities and just plain old stuff in new ways to fashion collected appeal.

Build a headboard out of salvaged barn doors. Stack weathered crates as nightstands. Top a painted dresser with a shiny new slab of marble. Use weathered trunks, armoires, and pie safes to amplify a bedroom's storage capacity. Keep interest high by incorporating various furniture finishes: Think of arrangements that combine freshly painted dressers, cupboards with distressed patinas, and polished mahogany sleigh beds.

When you're shopping flea markets and yard sales, look for country-style iron, brass, or four-poster bedsteads or shapely old headboards that can be updated with paint or upholstery fabric. Pick up rural relics, such as farm-stand signs, enamelware pitchers, wooden dough bowls, barnyard figures, milking stools, printed grain sacks, and egg, harvest, and tobacco baskets, to further country appeal. Additionally, look for old wooden racks and hardwood shelves for your built-in wardrobe in your dressing room. The ideas are endless when it comes to designing your bedroom with antique pieces and furnishings.

4. Dramatic components for your country bedroom

Because the wood-clad shell of a rustic home has such drama and presence, dainty or precious furniture can get lost. Instead, choose furnishings that are large in scale and in visual weight. This is the place for an ebony leather sectional, or a canopied four-poster bed. This might be quite a burden in the budget for most country-aspiring homeowners, but it’s worth the lifetime investment to keep prized, antique pieces in your bedroom.

Moreover, look for elements that use rough-and-tumble materials, such as rugs made from braided rags or light fixtures with punched-tin shades. Layers of fussy patterns can makes these interiors feel too busy, so go for bold, simple designs in textiles, such as the buffalo plaids and mattress-ticking stripes. You can even opt to hang a feature wallpaper on one wall of your bedroom to create a luxurious effect. The wall where the headboard of your bed is the best place to go for, as it is the natural center of the room. Choose a design in a relaxing color and print so that it doesn’t make your mind buzz before bed, and keep furniture white to let the design stand out.

5. Country color schemes for your bedroom

Country colors run the gamut from dusty colonial hues and patriotic palettes to modern schemes featuring refreshingly natural shades. Since the look is collected, you'll want to limit the number of patterns and colors to keep the bedroom from becoming too busy. Create a soothing bedroom scheme with a cream palette and add interest with plenty of texture, from cable-knit throws to subtly patterned rugs and upholstery.

Fabric patterns that work especially well in country bedrooms include botanical prints, buffalo checks, smaller checks, ticking stripes, and understated plaids. Introduce old-timey texture by dressing beds in chenille spreads, matelasse coverlets, vintage blankets, and hand-stitched quilts. Homemade objects deserve a place in down-home country bedrooms so bring in monogrammed shams, needlework throw pillows and seat covers, and old-fashioned braided and hooked rugs. Filipinos also love the idea of hand-woven family-rendered paintings and handicrafts to create a country bedroom that reflects a rural outlook in a family-oriented way.