Bedroom Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The bedroom is a sanctuary. It is a place of escape, of rest, and of renewal. As one of the most intimate spaces in the home, it’s a picture of a person’s being and frame of mind and it provides bounteous prospects for making it truly personal. Objectively, bedrooms should strike the perfect balance between being a peaceful haven, devoid of distractions that can disrupt restful sleep or meditation (we’re not fans of television sets and mobile phones in the room), and, at the same time, a warm and happy space to let one’s hair down. At the end of the day, every element of your bedroom should come together to reflect your personality and, the good news is, homify can guide you on how to do just that.

How do I choose the right bedroom design?

If there is any part of the house that truly captures your personality, it should be the bedroom. So, when it comes to designing and decorating this particular part of your home, you should, at the very least, know exactly what you want. Do you want it to exude Scandinavian minimalism or that distinct laidback Filipino flair? While it won’t hurt to mix and match styles, great results are guaranteed if you to hire the services of a qualified interior decorator to advise you on decorating ideas. You can visit the homify website to find professionals to match your taste.

What room color is best for sleeping?

Sleeping equals healing. Our body requires rest and rejuvenation and, to be able to achieve this, we need at least six to seven hours of uninterrupted sleep per day. And, yes, it is easier said than done. A lot of factors affect the quality of slumber we get on the daily. Aside from noise and condition of our bed, one of the most important, but often ignored, factor is the color of our room. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, avoid colors such as red and yellow, which stimulate your energy levels, leaving you more awake than ready to snooze. Instead, go for calming tones such as blue, off-white, or earth tones, all of which are known to contribute to an overall feeling of calm.

What’s the best flooring to use?

When it comes to flooring for your boudoir, it all boils down to personal preference and lifestyle. While wood parquet is the more sophisticated choice, as well as one of the most popular flooring options in the Philippines, it is slowly being eclipsed by marble (or its cheaper alternative, ceramic tiles). Marble and ceramic tiles are not only durable and easier to maintain, but also offer that much-needed cooling effect to a room, making it the perfect choice to counter Southeast Asia’s hot and humid climate! Again, your pick when it comes to décor depends completely on preference and lifestyle. But, if you need more inspiration, homify also offers thousands of images you can peruse before making that decision.

How to improve air quality in the room?

Our home is our refuge, but what happens when the air we breathe indoors, especially our bedrooms, is not as healthy as we think it is? Unbeknownst to many, toxins linger inside our homes and it comes from chemicals in things we would never even think are harmful such as bed linens, mattresses, carpets, and, so-called air fresheners. We should be mindful of the furnishings we need to buy for our home; make sure that they are low on volatile organic compound (VOC) and are hypoallergenic! Having large windows and ceiling fans installed can also do wonders to a room’s overall ventilation, while plants are a cheap and chic option for purifying air.

How can you make a small bedroom look bigger?

Making a small room look bigger may sound like a daunting task, but there are many ways on how you can successfully carry out this seemingly-impossible job. Installing a large mirror to instantly create the illusion of space is one of the oldest trick in the book, and so are painting an entire area white or planning for good lighting. If storage space is an issue, under-bed storage containers can free up a lot of space, while modest studio spaces can benefit with loft beds, which enables you to get creative with the free space underneath.