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Tropical bathroom: ideas, inspiration & pictures

Tropical Bathroom

If we talk about bathrooms, most of us are more used to having modern bathrooms because of its minimal and functional design. Other than the common contemporary bathrooms, there are actually more styles to choose from and the tropical-inspired bathroom is definitely not the last on the list. In fact, a tropical bathroom is a fresher approach of style that will bring a touch of Asian influence to your home.

Tropical bathrooms most often feature a bright and bold designs and decor style, often bringing the outside in via the use of live flowers and plants. They typically employ an overall aesthetic that reflects the laid-back elegance of a tropical vacation paradise – but ornamentals are not the only thing that defines a tropical bathroom; nature-inspired colors, tropical-styled tilework, wooden furniture, airy spaces, and adequate lighting are what makes a bathroom an island oasis in your home.

1. Tropical colors for your bathroom

When it comes to tropical bathroom decor, color is almost always a key component. For base colors, many homeowners choose cooler colors like bright whites or light creams. Pops of bright and bold colors are often used as accents, with lively, natural greens, yellows, blues and oranges appearing throughout the design and hinting at the vibrant natural colors found in the tropics. Beadboard is often featured on walls as well, hinting at a relaxed, vacation cottage feel.

2. The element of tile in your tropical bathroom

Tilework is a great way to express some decor personality in a tropical bathroom design. A backsplash behind the bathroom sink or tile on the walls of the shower can be a fantastic avenue for the incorporation of bold colors and artistic design elements. Painted tiles or mosaics featuring tropical themes, palm trees, seascapes, and various flora and fauna can add great visual interest, especially when they feature pops of color in an otherwise soft and soothing design.

For floors and countertops, boldly colored tiles featuring your favorites from the tropical color palette can further brighten the space. You can even channel the mystery of the sea through the bathroom tiles that you are going to use. You can opt for some custom- designed mosaic tiles that give off the blues of the Caribbean. You can create a gradient of color from your ceiling to floor.

3. The perfect lighting for your tropical bathroom

Natural light is often a key element of tropical bathrooms, so make sure window coverings are semi-transparent to let the light in. Additionally, task, decorative and main lighting can help illuminate the space and emphasize key decor and design elements.

Have some accent lighting for the bathroom such as palm trees lights , or some pendant lights. The correct lighting will enhance the tropical feel in your bathroom in a great way, so try to avoid anything with stark or very clean lines as they tend to reassemble the contemporary style more than the tropical style .

4. Tropical-inspired décor for your bathroom

Bathroom decor accessories are available in a range of tropical-appropriate themes. Curtains, bath mats and linens can all show off tropical designs, flora, and fauna depicted in bright colors. Seashells can be placed strategically throughout the space, on shelves or on countertops. Artwork can feature laid-back beach scenes, sea life or maritime themes.

Tropical decor commonly has a laid-back approach with an emphasis to nature and the outdoors. Fibers of the tropics like bamboo, rattan, and others are one common feature as well as tropical wood like rosewood. Use wooden or bamboo vacancies to dress your bathroom windows or hang a tropical- themed set of curtains. Bear in mind that the window treatment of your bathroom will have a direct effect of the overall end result.

Even if your powder room doesn’t feature an ocean of tropical references, a couple of special touches can get the job done. Try adding guest towels in shades of turquoise, and incorporate a mirror that’s as magical as an enchanting sea creature. You can even add a capiz shell chandelier and fishnet-style draperies, and the sea has truly been brought indoors.

5. Furniture and storage for your tropical bathroom

When it comes to furniture and storage elements in tropical bathrooms, these are often constructed from natural hardwoods. For an added dash of authenticity, consider sourcing furniture or other wooden elements in exotic styles like ebony, teak, mahogany and bamboo, many of which can be found in tropical regions. Furniture is often lightly finished or unfinished, contributing to a natural, relaxed aesthetic.

6. Tropical plants for your bathroom

Of course, what’s a tropical-inspired bathroom without the presence of ornamentals? Let the addition of plant life take your bathroom to a whole new level. Incorporating several green plants is another simple and inexpensive way of decorating your tropical bathroom. They are always refreshing and pleasing to the eye. You can decorate the corners of the room with some leafy green palms or place some grandiose tropical flower like bird of paradise or orchid.