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Scandinavian bathroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Scandinavian Bathroom

If you've ever taken a look at Scandinavian homes, you'll recognize the style: clean lines, lots of white and neutral colors, practical concepts that maximize space and function, elegance highlighted by natural materials, cozy fabrics, and lots of light.

In the bathroom, incorporating the Scandinavian style means bright spaces with natural wood tones, soft textures, multi-function spaces, and sleek lines. As a space in your home where tidiness and cleanliness is a necessity, a Scandinavian styled bathroom is the perfect approach to maintain the simple yet functional vibe you are aiming for.

1. Best colors for your Scandinavian bathroom

The Scandinavian color palette is known to be kept to a minimal level; neutral colors like beige, cool whites and warm whites are the best options. The color palette that you choose will be determined with consideration towards your personal style and color preferences too. If you feel a little playful but still want to keep the sleek Scandinavian style, add pops of color to your accent furniture and accessories.

Choose an important bathroom item – tile sample, artwork, towels – to pull your color scheme from. This may be the white, blue and aqua glass tile that you have selected to accent the shower or it may be chevron-patterned shower curtain that you have recently bought. Whatever you’re jumping off point is, use this to pull two or three colors from, if possible.

Once you have decided on your color scheme you will need to make a decision on how it is implemented. For example, your three colors may be gray, pastel blue and white. Therefore, you could choose to paint the walls of the bathroom gray while accenting the space with white towels and a few soft blue colored accessories. The benefit to choosing a gray as your wall color is that it is a neutral and can coordinate with a variety of colors and styles. You won’t have to change the wall color if you decide it’s time to get new towels.

Another factor to consider in choosing the right color scheme for your Scandinavian bathroom is people who will be using the space. If the bathroom undergoing the transformation is going to be used primarily by children you can feel free to be a little more adventurous with your choices. A great combination for a kid’s bathroom is white subway accented by a stripe of lime green or navy blue tile. In contrast, powder rooms or ½ baths are often decorated in a more dramatic fashion. Because a powder room is less frequently used and not in regular contact with the steam from a shower or tub, you could choose to install patterned marble tiles instead of traditional tile or paint.

2. Great backsplash and wall tile ideas for your Scandinavian bathroom

A beautiful backsplash or accented tile wall acts as the jewelry of the bathroom and provides a focal point for the space. It is becoming increasingly common to find bathrooms, both small and large, with a large portion of tile installed on the vertical spaces. This is due to the natural beauty of tile, its water resistance and the clean look it provides.

Your bathroom is a great place to experiment with a textured tile backsplash or accent to achieve that Scandinavian feel. If you are more reserved in your design choices you may consider, for example, subway tile as your main tile selection. From there you can introduce a color glass mosaic to be installed in a horizontal or vertical stripe somewhere in the space to add a pop of color. This provides a custom feel with committing to an entire wall of vibrantly-colored tile that is likely to lose the Scandinavian sense of style. In general, try to keep the types of tile installed down to three selections: one for the floor, one for the main wall or shower and an accent tile.

Add a little sweetness to your Scandinavian bathroom with a subtle patterned tile, wherein the tile extends to the vanity countertop, giving the space a sense of continuity and harmony. Bring the bathroom together with light neutrals, lots of white, and a focus on geometrical shapes to define your bathroom's Scandinavian influence.

3. Scandinavian-styled countertops for your bathroom

Due to the frequency of use and constant contact with water, bathroom countertops must be durable and hardworking. Thankfully, there are a variety of materials available that are ideal for a Scandinavian-styled bathroom environment that promotes both its function and sleek design.

The budget-friendly option is laminate. Laminate comes in a wide array of colors and patterns that are designed to mimic the look of high end products. While it is resistant to water, it can fade and discolor over time.

Natural stone and quartz are options available for those with a larger budget. However, if you are remodeling a small bathroom, you may be able to indulge in these surfaces because you will likely need less of them. Both natural stone and quartz are low maintenance and highly durable. Granite also handles heat well which makes it an excellent choice when curling irons and straighteners are to be used.

4. Best flooring choice for your Scandinavian bathroom

When it comes to your Scandinavian bathroom flooring, one type of material is the overall favorite, tile. Whether it is ceramic, porcelain, marble or slate, tile is a great choice for the bathroom because of its durability, water resistance, and sleek aesthetic appeal. Floor tiles can be purchased in a variety of sizes such as 12×12, 18×18 and 12×24. In a small bathroom the general rule is to install larger tiles because they give the illusion of more floor space. However, this rule can be broken for styles of tile like penny tile. Penny tile’s round edges provides a curved surface to walk on, as well as providing a nod past design styles in a classic way.

5. Lighting and accessories for your Scandinavian bathroom

Lighting is another important element in your Scandinavian bathroom. This may involve light from a window, skylight or additional fixtures in the space. Regardless of the source of the light, the quality is the more important factor as it is important for this type of bathroom to be bright and airy.

Don’t forget the accessories. While space may be limited, a curated collection of bathroom accessories can provide the perfect finishing touch to your Scandinavian bathroom. Sometimes, it is these finishing touches that complete the space and make it feel inviting. It’s important to balance the hard surfaces of the bathroom with items that are soft such as spa towels and a small area rug.

A coordinating piece of artwork can add interest to a bathroom, even a small one. It can also provide a color palette to base the room on. The key is to keep it minimal and clean. A dash of color won’t hurt, but make sure it doesn’t overpower the essence of Scandinavian design.

Retro wire baskets make storage easy, while lilac-grey towels add a little color. The sink and faucet keep lines clean and simple, and the mirror, framed with the same teak, adds light and visual space.