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Modern bathroom design ideas and pictures

While vintage and antique baths are beautiful, contemporary style bathrooms are still the standard for modern homes these days. Not only is a modern bathroom design more practical, but it is also more affordable and easier to maintain. And, with minimalism being one of the most enduring styles to adopt for homes, a contemporary design that is simple, can be both sleek and chic. Are you planning to design a modern bathroom, but not sure how to go about it? Let’s start by letting us these important questions:

What is the best modern bathroom paint colors?

With all the paint colors available in the market, it is difficult to choose which one exactly would match our modern bathroom design. Luckily, homify is here to help and narrow down some of the choices. Looking at some of the projects from our professionals, white remains among the most popular color to use. It is practical, easy to match with other colors, and it is utterly easy on the eyes - just take for example this beautiful washroom from London-based interior designers and decorators Studio Duggan. Another popular color is grey, which instantly add a bit of that contemporary chicness to any room, while beige is also commonly used for homes in the Philippines.

How do I achieve a chic modern bathroom design?

There is a lot of misconception about modern bathroom designs. Sometimes, people would think that just because a fixture is bought in the now doesn’t mean that it will fit into the overall design of your space. To be able to achieve both practicality and stylishness, it is important to have restraint. Don’t go overboard with your design or with your concept. Focus on what is essential and what is important and, finally, have forethought on how everything will fit visually.

How do I style my space to make it look modern?

There are many ways to achieve that contemporary look, but the best and fool-proof way to pull it off is to actually follow the age-old mantra that is “less is more.” If you have a small space, keep things simple and only install fixtures that are essential like a sink, shower, and toilet would do! Also, try to design lighting in such a way that it will make your room appear bigger than it actually is. Next up is to opt for light colors for the entire space. Colors such as white, beige, and pastels actually create a more capacious vibe for any room, which is why it is a great idea to use it for your small space. Finally, choose your flooring wisely. In the Philippines, tiles are among the most common materials to use for bathrooms and, if your space is a little on the tiny side, then we suggest going for tiles size that are smaller.

What’s the best flooring option?

Since we’ve already touched on flooring in the last question, why don’t we discuss it more in detail? Flooring is actually one of the most important aspects of a toilet and bath, which why it is a must that you give it careful thought. As mentioned earlier, tiles are the most common in the Philippines, and for good reason. Aside from being relatively cost-efficient, it is also the easiest to maintain, clean, and disinfect! There are two types are often used: porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. While the former is superior choice because it is harder and water resistant, ceramic is much preferred locally because aside from the fact that it looks nice, it also is the cheaper alternative.

Where can I find modern bathroom ideas?

There are many ways to find inspiration for your design project. For starters, the internet is a good source. Aside from the numerous websites on home and design, there are also websites like Pinterest, where you can find a bevy of beautiful images! But, if you are looking for something that actually combines both, there is homify. At homify, you can read tons of tips and tricks on how to design your home by visiting our magazine page. But, if you want to create your own moodboard, which you can follow, then our website also has the option to let readers create ideabooks! Try it out and happy decorating! More general bathroom design ideas can be found here. For additional help we can assist on our free consultation page.