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Country style bathrooms: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Country Bathroom

A traditional sense of style, the country-inspired design is an aesthetic that is known to define a rural farmhouse design incorporated to the modern Filipino home. Aspiring homeowners who love the rustic and classic charm of the rural house setting will definitely love a country style designed in their home. The interior features of the country home bring a cozy, warm feel to our inner aesthetic pleasures and that doesn’t exclude the earthy, grounded ambience of our bathrooms.

This small area of your house is sometimes unrecognized, but the bathroom is more than just its function and purpose. After a long day at work and school, nothing is more relaxing than soaking in a warm bath in your country-inspired bathroom, and here are some tips to consider in designing your ideal country bathroom.

1. Key elements to create the perfect country bathroom

It's easy to create a bathroom with a lived-in country look. Try a mix of wood finishes, and natural textures to build classic country style. Repurposing is part of the country life, so try adding repurposed furniture and salvage wood to add rustic charm to your bathroom.

Simplicity is key in a country bath; simple hooks on a painted wood plank keep towels high and dry. Collections of stoneware and well-worn pieces of furniture also add charming country touches at home in a bathroom. An antique cabinet, for example, can serve as the vanity where bathroom essentials are on display and within reach. Moreover, a weathered table and wire basket add counter space and storage in your modest bathroom.

The beauty lies in the period details; bathroom supplies can fit perfectly in a collection of vintage jars, and set a top an antique tray. The cottage approach to country features lots of white. Clean line architecture and no fuss finishes is the traditional approach to the classic country style.

2. Add color to your rustic country bathroom

Wooden surfaces and cream hues feature heavily in the country home, but don’t feel afraid to include soft touches of color. A dash of pastel accents on your accessories and furnishings add a personalized touch to your bathroom that brings a welcoming ambience to the guests.

Whether it’s a dust blue painted vanity or a sage green tiled backsplash, these pastel accents will compliment your light or dark wooden flooring or countertops. Gentle hues add a soft tone that brightens up the whole space in your country bathroom.

Browns and beiges also bring a rustic charm to the bathroom. Think about golden-brown boards that warm both the upper and lower reaches of your breezy bathroom that features sea-and-sky hues. Glass tiles in varying shades of aqua and blue add surf's-up sparkle to the shower and the water colors continue as towels and accessories that energize white cottage tiles and cabinetry. Now that’s a relaxing country bathroom.

3. A bathtub is a necessity to achieve your country-inspired bathroom

Installing a freestanding bathtub will give an instant country feel to your bathroom and vintage designs are also the perfect space-saving solution for smaller bathrooms. The wonderfully tall design of a bathtub means you can fully submerge yourself in warm, lavender-infused bathwater and wash away the day’s stresses and strains.

Nestled under a window dressed with gauzy white curtains, a soaking tub provides a sunny spot to relax and unwind. Working shutters add charm and another layer of privacy. Of course, large windows, a vaulted ceiling, and an adjacent dressing room will create a grander feeling in your bathroom. Add a traditional claw-foot tub that sits in the center of the room, giving the bather a direct view outdoors.

4. Choose wicker storage for your country bathroom

The country bathroom, whilst beautiful in aesthetic, must maintain its functionality. Storage for used towels and clothing are a necessity. Preserve the feel of your country bathroom by opting for a lightweight wicker basket for laundry and other linens.

Moreover, antique cabinets can be easily converted to rustic vanities. This aged beauty gets its country style from a stained finish and dark concrete top. Think about complimenting the antique cabinets with industrial farmhouse pendant lights that illuminate the space, white finishes and a subway tile that creates a cheery cottage atmosphere. A cabinet on wheels is another great storage designing idea too.

Both cottage and country styles boast “been-around-awhile” features that make rooms appear as if they've been furnished over time. Beadboard wainscoting, for an instance, sets a cottage backdrop that highlights antique furnishings in your bathroom such as a vintage dresser, a chipped-up basket, and an industrial cart -- that find new life as storage pieces.

5. The mirror – your country bathroom’s essential piece

A mirror is undoubtedly a must-have for most parts of the house such as the bedroom, the dressing room, and most especially, the bathroom. Wood framed mirrors are a great way to create a country feel to your bathroom. Sleek wood or heavily antiqued can both work in a rustic context. Hanging mirrors give a wonderful aesthetic as do those with distressed frames.

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. Country-inspired mirrors are available in the Philippine market but can be overpriced for as high as P10,000 because of its rare and timeless beauty, Instead, reuse old mirrors and refurbish them with old wooden frame pieces to achieve a more antique look. Paint the refurbished mirror with your color of choice, and presto, you have yourself a DIY antique mirror in your bathroom.

6. Focus on the finer details of your country bathroom

Attention to detail can transform the feel of a bathroom, and choosing smart bath and shower taps is a fine example. Consider a traditional floor mounted bath-shower mixer as it brings a touch of the country to the bath basin with its simple and timeless design.

A little bit country, a little bit cottage, imagine a bathroom that pays tribute to long-ago lavatories in modern ways. References to farm life include a rural rendering, a canning-jar collection, and a primitive coverlet folded on an antique chair. Opt for tiled floors and black painted wainscoting to give a nod to cottage style in high-impact fashion.