Bathroom Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

It may occupy the least amount of space in the home, but the bathroom is one of the (if not the) most important parts of the house. The day starts and ends in this tiny, little room for most of us and we think everyone can agree that even the best ideas come to us when we are in the shower! So, whether yours is big or small, careful planning should always be carried out in its design, with every minor detail fully considered, from the choice of tiles to its lighting. At a loss about where to start with your decorating project? homify, together with our thousands of professionals ranging from architects, as well as interior and product designers, are here to help, inspire and answer your questions.

How can I design my small bathroom?

Small spaces don’t always have to equal small on style. Sure, compromises are to be made, but there are a lot of ways to help you get the maximum impact even with minimum space. One great idea for small toilet and bath space is to employ a minimalistic style, unifying the room than breaking it into separate areas. Painting it white and adding large mirrors also help because both give the illusion of capaciousness. For maximalists who prefer bolder options, however, the use geometric patterns can create depth, while rustic accents offer that breezy, tropical vibe. Whatever style you choose, just always remember: Decorating your dream house doesn’t end with having limited square meters to work with.

What is the best type of flooring for the bathroom?

This is one of the most common questions, and, possibly, also the most important one when designing the bathroom. While ceramic tiles are the most popular option due to its waterproof and easy-to-clean qualities, there are other materials that may be suitable to other people’s taste and budget. For one, the use of vinyl and cork as an alternative to ceramic tiles are becoming extremely popular because, apart from sharing the same waterproof and easy-to-clean aspects, both are also relatively cheaper than the latter. If budget is not an issue, however, there is always the timeless classic, wood, or its more affordable substitute, laminate flooring.

How do I choose the right lighting?

There are four types of lighting: task, ambient, decorative, and accent. The most important of the four is task lighting as it is used for illuminating basin mirrors, bath, and shower – basically, the areas where you do the most important tasks. Ideally, the ones for bath and shower shouldn’t be too dim nor too harsh, while mirrors should have one light on each side (never above) for a clear, shadowless effect. On a budget? Having a dimmer switch is also a good option for bathrooms. With a dimmer, you will be able to dial up the lighting for tasks such as makeup application and shaving or down if you ever need a more ambient setting for your bath.

How do I determine the budget for my toilet and bath renovation?

Toilet and bath renovations always come back to the budget. And, if you want to get your money’s worth, it’s important to have foresight on what you want to change or add, especially in the Philippines where a renovation can cost from ₱40,000 to ₱150,000 on average. It is always a good idea to splurge on bigger fixtures such as the shower, sink or toilet, but if you want to freshen up your room without spending too much, you can also focus on revamping smaller details such lighting, shelves or even the curtains! If you have a little money to spend, hire a designer to inspect the room. If they exceed the budget you have in mind, just remember that you don’t have to do everything at the same time. A beautifully decorated home takes time, so don’t rush.

How can homify help with designing my bathroom?

At homify, homeowners looking to design and decorating their dream washrooms can create their inspirational boards called ideabooks. By browsing through thousands of images uploaded by our professionals, selecting the images that matches their theme or style, and saving them on your created ideabook. With this tool, it’s easy to riff through possibilities and get right on track with your interior decorating project. Apart from ideabooks, the website also features a free consultation page, where homeowners can get in touch with professionals for tips, quotes, and advice free of cost.