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Basement-windows: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Basement windows

Windows that are located at the basement or cellar this is a part of a house that is partially or completely below ground. It is a great utilitarian space. Can be used for other amenities that are not provided for in the common layout of the house. It can also be fitted to be used as a living space, like dens or extra bedrooms, Making it a necessity to be lit with natural light.

Is it necessary to have a window in the basement?

The primary function of a basement windows is the availability of an escape route during times of emergencies such as a fire or flood. This way inhabitants can flee to safety or at the very least be accessible for rescue during these unfortunate events.

An egress window must be large enough that a full grown person could fit through it. The common minimum requirement is 24”x34” and must be fully operational to open and close from inside the house with out the need for special tools. (This size changes depending on the policy of your city.)

These windows are also very vital in providing ventilation to an otherwise completely enclosed space. Having a well ventilated space can make people feel comfortable. Ventilation supplies fresh air and removes the stale air from the room. they also provide an access for larger objects such as poles and ladders.

Another important value of having windows in a basement is to be able to let natural light in. You can maximize this light by installing windows in the right way to maximize its potential.

Which type of windows are good for the basement?

Its important to choose the right material for your windows and at the top of that list are Vinyl windows. They are the best option for homeowners because it is inexpensive and highly resistant. It is rust free and will not rot even in damp conditions. It is designed to withstand the impact of harsh UV light. Its durability will assure with a long lasting service. With this comes a wide variety of colors and styles that is low maintenance and easy to clean. It is modular so it wont be any trouble installing it.

Fiber Glass is a durable option that is resilient to rough weather condition that looks good inside and outside of the house. This option is very low maintenance and also comes in a number of colors and styles. One of the best and strongest materials to choose from but it does come with a price, an expensive one at that!

Aluminum is a popular option for warmer climates. It conducts heat out of its frames. It is inexpensive, durable and it can be painted to personalize it.

Hopper windows are windows that open at the top, Awning windows open at the bottom. sliding windows, slide from side to side. this means they are only always half open. Meaning window size must double to comply with the minimum size requirements of an egress window.

When do I need to replace a basement window?

When these windows breakdown, becomes cracked or rot due to wear and tear, Its time to replace the unit. Make sure you take exact measurements. A poorly fitted window will allow water seepage that could develop into a more complicated problem in the future. Use caulking if there are any gaps in the installation. Consider custom made windows from a reputable supplier for convenience.

How can I improve the look of my basement windows?

Its best to decorate these windows to provide a more cozy atmosphere. You can use a variety of window treatments such as curtains, valances, blinds, or shades. If you are using this space for more that a utility room such s a living space, use full length curtains. Since Basement windows are usually located awkwardly at the higher portion of the wall. Install the rods as close to the ceiling as possible to give the illusion of height and bigger windows. Use bold prints, to liven it up or muted more subtle fabrics for a more relaxed theme. Choose fabrics that reflect your personality. Place a piece of furniture like a console table against that wall and accessorize with vases or lamps to fill the visual gap on the wall. You can also use a settee or a pair of chairs and a side table. Fill the wall with a pair of frames or art to mimic the missing window feel. this balances the walls visual weight. This distracts the viewer from the awkward window height yet letting the same light in.

How can I improve the view of the my egress window?

Due to its location, the view can be quite dull. But this space has so much potential. This space give you a peek of the sky as well keeping your privacy. Its a great opportunity to create a mini landscape. Decorate the walls with rock, brick, stone. Use pebbles, gravel or sand for the surfaces. Add low maintenance plants and accessories such as lamps or lanterns. This will make looking out your window pleasant and relaxing.