Baby room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The nursery or the baby room is probably one of the most exciting design projects a family can ever embark on. Just like the teen bedroom, it is fun to design because it allows for creativity, plus it is intended for someone very special in the family, thus making it the most rewarding of all decorating projects. Many would assume that designing a nursery is unchallenging, but there is more to it than choosing blue for boy and pink for girl. If you’re wondering about the things you need for the perfect room for your little one, we’ve answered some of the most common questions people have about this project:

How to design a gender neutral nursery?

Pink for girls and blue for boys are the go-to colors when it comes to designing a kid’s room. But, you don’t have to confine yourself to these colors. Nowadays, parents prefer to make their children’s bedrooms or nurseries more gender neutral, with a more pointed focus on their own personalities and home’s style than the child’s gender. If you want to design a non gender specific room, choose colors that are more middle-of-the-road such as mint green, lavender, red, and yellow. You can pair these colors with white and grey for a chicer outcome.

What are the most important features of a baby room?

First things first, you will need to baby proof the room (and even the entire house!). Protecting the outlets, drawers, doors, windows, and any sharp edge are a must and there are tons of gadgets in the Philippine market where you can get such items. Another important nursery feature is a dedicated space for changing diapers and for keeping handy all the things you will need for that. Babies will probably need diapers for at least two years, so it is better to have a furniture that is of good quality (changing diapers in the bed is definitely not a good idea for anyone's back!). Of course, we also need a nice and comfy crib! Even when most of the newborns might sleep in their parents bed for a while, it is necessary to have a nice a comfy crib for the baby and the parents. Some parents will prefer one crib that offers multiple functions. This way, the baby will use the same bed from birth until two to three years. Some other parents will prefer to get a smaller-sized crib that can be attached to their bed. There is a downside to the latter, however - you will need a new baby bed once the baby past the 6 months !If the mother will breastfeed the baby a nice chair or armchair or even a sofa it's a great idea. Moms need comfortable seating when breastfeeding, too.

Choosing the best lighting for your baby room

Lighting is very important for the baby room and here there are few things that are very important to keep in mind. First, control the natural light with a pair of nice and heavy curtains for the windows (blackout for example). Second, choose a warm and soft light to illuminate the room. For best results, install a dimmer and consider investing on a night light. Furthermore, it is of great importance to consider the need of a heat lamp. Why? Well, this is because babies loose temperature very quickly, especially while they are getting their diapers changed or after a bath.

What is the secret to a perfect baby room?

Decorating the room is always a great idea, but keep in mind that less is more. Also, better to choose things that won´t be a risk for your baby's health. We also advice to avoid small toys, plastic toys, as well as wooden toys with toxic paint.

Where can I get help for my interior project?

If you are looking for inspiration for your baby room, homify can help. Aside from our free consultation page, where you can ask for advice and get quotes from professionals such as architects and interior designers, you can also browse through our collection of photos. We have thousands and thousands of photos on our website, and you can save them all using our ideabook feature. If you want to see more visual inspiration for your nursery, click here!