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52 Architects in Pasig City

Architects in Pasig

Pasig City is one of the oldest municipalities in the Philippines. Formerly a rural settlement, it’s had plenty of time since its conception to become the commercial hub that it is today. Since 1994, it’s been holding a place in the country’s list of highly urbanized cities, with factories, warehouses, establishments, and commercial facilities making up its skyline.This increase in activity is majorly due to the rise of the Ortigas Business Center to its west.

Pasig shares jurisdiction over Ortigas with Mandaluyong and Quezon City. Day after day, many citizens of the metro come in and out for business. Among the many high-rise establishments found here are national icons of modern architecture. These include the art deco-inspired Meralco Building and the San Miguel Corporation, which is famous for its landscape design that resembles the renowned Banaue Rice Terraces.

1. Why should I build a home in Pasig?

Pasig is strategically located right at the heart of major commercial zones like Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Taguig and Makati. Central Business Districts (CBD) like Ortigas Center and Bonifacio Global City (BGC) are also accessible with one ride or two. The city is a primarily residential area, with an abundance of both subdivisions and high-rise residences. Depending on your lifestyle preferences, you can settle in a single-detached home, an apartment, or a luxury condo.

Wherever you live, there is always a nearby shopping mall for your needs and leisures. Among these are SM Megamall, Shangri-la Mall, Robinsons Galleria, Market-Market, and Tiendesitas. For construction purposes, you can also find a branch of CW Home Depot in Pasig, among many others.

2. What are the advantages of hiring an architect in Pasig?

Architects in the Philippines endure five years of formal education, two accumulated years of internship, and a licensure exam to become professionals. They are trained in multiple facets such as art history, space programming, construction, and design presentation. Such heavy training is indicative of the responsibility placed on your architect’s shoulders, who will ensure that the structural integrity of your home or building withstands the elements and functions accordingly.

Hiring a local architect also poses many advantages. Since they are familiar with the surroundings, they will be able to design a home appropriate for the climate, soil type, and the overall environment. Moreover, they are most likely acquainted with various members of your design team, including the contractor, interior designer, and other skilled craftsmen.

3. How much do I need to hire an architect?

By understanding the value of your architect, you will now have the peace of mind that your project is in good hands and that it will all be well worth your money. Having trained for many years, any professional architect knows that it is illegal to offer his or her services for free. This type of practice can indirectly hurt an already competitive industry, as aspiring designers won’t be compensated properly for such a stressful job.

As the client, it is good to know the usual rates of architectural services. This will enable you to negotiate with your architect in good faith. In the design field, there are many methods of compensation you can choose from. Each can be tweaked or combined and tailor-fitted to the type of project in terms of scope of work, duration, or area. However, the most common way to charge for the professional fee is to derive 7%-8% from the total materials cost.

4. How much does it cost to build a home in Pasig?

When building your dream home, you will constantly have to weigh quantity and quality. In construction, the price doesn't always equate to the material’s durability, or may cost more in the long run due to maintenance. However, it is good thing that you have your architect beside you. He or she is guaranteed to have enough knowledge for you to make informed decisions.

For budget or low cost finishing, you may be able to make do with P12,000 per square meter. This includes bare minimum materials for a single-detached home such as ordinary ceramic tiles or vinyl, ordinary paint, galvanized steel long span roofing, and steel casement windows. Meanwhile, average finishes such as granite tiles, wood flooring, and good quality paint may need a minimum of P14,000 per square meter. High-end or first class finishes usually entail imported materials, intricate detailing such as parquet floors or mouldings, and elaborate kitchen systems and bathrooms.

This type of finishing can start from P25,000 per square meter.

5. Acquiring building permits and other requirements

Before any construction work or major repair, you will need to acquire a building permit from the Office of the Building Official. Firstly, you will need approval for your architectural, sanitary/plumbing, electrical, and mechanical engineering plans so make sure that everything is final. They should be signed and sealed by the corresponding professionals and subsequently given to the authorities. You will also need to submit the bill of materials and cost estimates, copies of the specifications, and other documents such as the property title and the deed of sale.

For the complete list, you can always ask your architect or look up the requirements online. Once approved, you will be given one year to commence your project before it is considered null and void.

“Mga interior designer sa Pasig– Hanapin ang pinakamahusay sa Pasig.”

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