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KDA Design + Architecture
Kristoffer D. Aquino’s Architecture Studio'Your real estate vision. We create.'Kristoffer D. Aquino's founder and lead designer
Pluszerotwo Design Studio
Pluszerotwo is an architectural design studio based in Makati City, Philippines with projects dealing in residential, commercial
Jeff McDaniel Architects
My philosophy is that architecture is a response; a response to the environment and to the lifestyle of humans.A good design
Satchel Architectural Design is a freelance multidisciplinary studio which focuses on Architecture, Interior Design, and
MG Architecture Design Studio
MG Design Studio are full-service architectural, interior and engineering design firm. The firm specialized in designing
7+ years of experience in architecture, interior, and construction industry, I worked in several architecture companies,
Cham - Candelaria Inc.
Cham-Candelaria, Inc. was conceived 1997 and begun under the leadership of Architect Victor G. Cham, Jr. whose wealth of
Studiolo Incorporated
Studiolo Incorporated is a registered corporation established in 2016. Services offered include detailed architectural and
Manalese Architecture + Design
Manila based multidisciplinary practice focusing on Architecture, Interior and Design.Creating emotional experience through
Garra + Punzal Architects
Garra+Punzal Architects is an architectural and Interior consulting Professionals located in Quezon City and Mangatarem,
Roland Joseph Rosell, Architect
Roland Joseph Rosell, Architect is a full service architectural design and planning practice active in many fields of architecture
CB.Arch Design Solutions
our story Started as partnership-collaboration of young architecture graduates from Bulacan State University, solely catering
Novus Design Lab is a young, dynamic and multi-disciplinary design studio that concentrates on the diverse  disciplines
REMINGTON TY + ARCHITECTS  is an architectural, interior architecture and master planning design studio dedicated to bring
 ABG Architects and Builders
ABG Architects and Associates - Architectural Design & Build   Through understanding the needs and listening carefully to
Ivan Gatla Architecture
Architect Ivan Gatla is Freelance BIM Architect who is interested in projects involving Tropical Design. A graduate from
JPSolatorio Architectural Design Services
THE COMPANYJPSolatorio Architectural Design Services was established by ArchitectJhomel Solatorio on August 2016 located
Lifestorey Studio
Lifestorey Studio is a seamless blend of Art and Architecture, as well as space and existenceLifestorey Studio |Architecture
Architerion ADS
Architerion ADS is an architecture and design studio based in Gen. Trias, Cavite.Our mission is to provide recognized architectural
JAAL Builders
We are an ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN and BUILD practice, based in Las Piñas, delivering quality homes and well designed spaces

Architects in Manila

Manila, as the capital city of the Philippines, is known for its busy streets and crowded places. As the second most populated city in the country, more and more locals are in dire need of real estate residential properties where they can build a home for themselves. From apartments and boarding houses to high-end condominiums and townhouses, the numbers just keep on growing day by day.

Locals that have saved a budget to settle down may prefer investing on a house and lot, and what better way to find the perfect lot and plan the ideal house than hiring a professional architect? It’s the responsibility of a Manila home architect to transform human needs and desires into visual concepts and habitable structures. When you hire an architectural designer, you are not only hiring someone for their architectural services, but also to manage and coordinate other parties involved in the project. Today, we’ve prepared a basic guide on tips to consider when searching for architects in Manila.

1. Why hire an architect?

It is best to hire a home architect who will be involved in all phases of the design process, from the initial concept to the completed construction. The architect is often the first person you will hire for your project. If necessary, they might also help you select and hire subcontractors, which can include the builders, engineers and landscaper. Interior architects are also involved in negotiating contracts for all involved participants.

It is for these reasons that it is extremely important for you to have a good relationship with the Manila residential architect you hire. He or she can be the tie-breaking vote between you and the general contractor and can be your biggest advocate during the construction process. Different architecture firms in Manila, Philippines provide different services, so the scope of the work can span from pre-design environmental impact studies to selecting furniture and finishes, depending on what your specific needs are.

2. What to expect from a professional architect

As far as the process goes, the architecture firm or individual that you choose will start with concept drawings and finish with construction drawings and documents. Some firms even design with 3D renderings and videos, but that should not be assumed. There should be plenty of meetings between you and your building designer until you have agreed upon a design that you are completely happy with.

Always keep in mind that the designer will have building codes to follow, and likely pre-existing design limitations when dealing with a remodel, so while they might not be able to execute your exact ideas they always have your safety and aesthetics in mind.

Moreover, one of the most important duties of a residential architect is to serve as managers and supervise most aspects of construction, as well as facilitate communication between all other contractors, so you can expect them to be present throughout the entire building process to ensure everything is executed as planned.

3. Searching for the best in the market

It is very important to hire the right professional for the job. Remember that the most well-known or established designer might not provide the best architectural services for your needs. It all comes down to the individual project. Research and ask people whose work you like for recommendations. It's important to have somewhat of an idea of the style of house architecture that you prefer, as well as the amount you would like to spend.

Residential architects in Manila, Philippines are natural problem solvers. They will assess the entire situation and help you to solve your problems too. Don't settle for a single company too early. Call and interview a few. Make sure that you feel like your personalities will mesh well and that you like their professional perspective.

4. Average costing of Manila houses

Wondering how much a typical single-storey bungalow or a three-bedroom house is in Manila? As of the year 2017, low-cost houses estimate at around P15,000-P18,000 per square meter, mid-cost at P22,000-P28,000 per square meter, while high-end houses at P35,000 and above per square meter.

A two-bedroom house is approximately 160 square meters, a three-bedroom house is around 200 square meters, and a four-bedroom house is about 300 square meters. These ballpark sizes will give you an idea of how much you will be spending on the construction of your house.

Of course, all of these are just rule of thumb estimates and will still depend on the condition of your site, type of structural design it will require and the type of finishes you will use.

5.How much does it cost to hire an architect?

Architecture firms in Manila vary from the services they render to your home. A middle-range firm’s administration is usually 5% of the budget, so plan on paying P75,000 for a P1,500,000 project. Most architects who charge on a percentage basis will charge 8-15% of the total cost of the project, so you can plan on spending P40,000 to P75,000 for every P500,000 worth of work you want done. Although most architects hold a professional fee, there are some who don’t require one. Overall, the average price to hire an architect for a typical family house is P233,000

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