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Roland Joseph Rosell, Architect
Roland Joseph Rosell, Architect is a full service architectural design and planning practice active in many fields of architecture
Cham - Candelaria Inc.
Cham-Candelaria, Inc. was conceived 1997 and begun under the leadership of Architect Victor G. Cham, Jr. whose wealth of
7+ years of experience in architecture, interior, and construction industry, I worked in several architecture companies,
MG Architecture Design Studio
MG Design Studio are full-service architectural, interior and engineering design firm. The firm specialized in designing
Pluszerotwo Design Studio
Pluszerotwo is an architectural design studio based in Makati City, Philippines with projects dealing in residential, commercial
Manalese Architecture + Design
Manila based multidisciplinary practice focusing on Architecture, Interior and Design.Creating emotional experience through
Garra + Punzal Architects
Garra+Punzal Architects is an architectural and Interior consulting Professionals located in Quezon City and Mangatarem,
Satchel Architectural Design is a freelance multidisciplinary studio which focuses on Architecture, Interior Design, and
Jeff McDaniel Architects
My philosophy is that architecture is a response; a response to the environment and to the lifestyle of humans.A good design
KDA Design + Architecture
Kristoffer D. Aquino’s Architecture Studio'Your real estate vision. We create.'Kristoffer D. Aquino's founder and lead designer
Ivan Gatla Architecture
Architect Ivan Gatla is Freelance BIM Architect who is interested in projects involving Tropical Design. A graduate from
JPSolatorio Architectural Design Services
THE COMPANYJPSolatorio Architectural Design Services was established by ArchitectJhomel Solatorio on August 2016 located
Novus Design Lab is a young, dynamic and multi-disciplinary design studio that concentrates on the diverse  disciplines
CB.Arch Design Solutions
our story Started as partnership-collaboration of young architecture graduates from Bulacan State University, solely catering
Studiolo Incorporated
Studiolo Incorporated is a registered corporation established in 2016. Services offered include detailed architectural and
Lifestorey Studio
Lifestorey Studio is a seamless blend of Art and Architecture, as well as space and existenceLifestorey Studio |Architecture
REMINGTON TY + ARCHITECTS  is an architectural, interior architecture and master planning design studio dedicated to bring
 ABG Architects and Builders
ABG Architects and Associates - Architectural Design & Build   Through understanding the needs and listening carefully to
MGTua Architects + Design Innovations
MGTua Architects+Design Innovation, has been on the field of Architectural Design and Innovations for 8 years and going
From series of sidelines, we are now bringing our designs into main line. It takes courage to show your dreams to someone

Architects in Antipolo

Antipolo, Rizal is best known as the “Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines.” Its place in history is secured by the Marian image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage or Virgin of Antipolo enshrined within the town since 1626. It is nestled in a plateau that sits on the slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, overlooking the metropolis.

Rizal has produced many of the country’s recognized artists and craftsmen. One of its most notable destinations is the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, home to several contemporary works. The Museum is built with the existing landscape in mind and is comprised of pavilions inspired by Mediterranean style villas.

Today, Antipolo is popular for being a quick getaway from the bustling city life. The mountainous terrain and scenic views has attracted nature and outdoor lovers all over the metro. This spurred its real estate growth, with residents of about 776, 386 people in over 400 subdivisions. It is categorized as a highly-urbanized, first class city.

1. Why you should hire an architect in Antipolo

Building is a complicated process, which is why it takes a team of professionals and skilled workers to come to fruition. Among the team members, the architect is one of the first people that you will need to select as he/she will be the one to translate your ideas into concrete, tangible spaces. Moreover, they do more than just draw what looks good. Their job is to create entire environments that satisfy both form and function.

Architects are, first and foremost, problem-solvers. Their expansive knowledge of design and construction enables them to make creative solutions for your wants or needs. Furthermore, they can find innovative ways to integrate the building with the existing environment. This skill is especially handy for a mountainous location such as Antipolo. They will also be able to design something appropriate to the climate, which might save you from maintenance and replacement costs in the long run.

Overall, architects can make your life easier through project management. Since they are familiar with the city, they are also able to recommend and coordinate with related skilled workers and professionals. They can definitely save from a lot of headache, and by being advocates of economical but at the same time efficient choices, they can save you time and money as well.

2. What to look for in an architect

The architect will essentially be your partner in a project. They will be making as much decisions as you will be during the whole process. Since you will be working together for a long time, you are bound to express numerous ideas and opinions to each other.

Thus, it is important that you have great chemistry with your architect.

Doing some research beforehand is a good way to start. You may eye some buildings or houses in Antipolo and find out which architect was behind them. With technology, it’s easy to just browse the internet, where you may find out even more about an architectural firm’s team, history, design principles, and portfolio.

Recommendations are also a good way to find out more about your prospects. In the industry, expertise and credentials are not the only way to endorse an architect’s services, but through reputation as well. You may find that personal experiences can provide you with invaluable insight to the way an architect handles a project.

3. Working with an architect

Architects typically follow six design phases, four of which are spent on the completion of plans and documents. The first phase is dedicated to programming, wherein the client and architect discuss the required spaces. In the schematic design phase, the architect presents rough sketches, and a general arrangement of the spaces, all of which are approved by the client. These are then used as basis for the design development phase, wherein the architect begins to draw plans and details to scale.

Once the client has approved, the architect then prepares the construction documents in the next phase. These are the official documents and blueprinted plans both for the approval of the City Building Official and the perusal of the contractor. The last two phases involve the bidding process, and lastly, construction administration. This is when the project finally comes to life under the supervision of the architect.

4. Cost estimates for building a home in Antipolo

How much you are willing to spend undeniably affects the outcome of your project. However, it is the architect’s job to come up with creative solutions for the budget that you will provide. It is within their expertise to conceptualize drawings and specifications to be bid for a fair price.

When it comes to materials and finishing, the usual rate for budget or low-cost projects with bare minimum requirements starts from P12,000-P15,000 per square meter. Average finishing such as good quality paint and patterned flooring can cost around P18,000-P22,000 per square meter. Meanwhile, high-end finishing and construction such as mouldings, elegant kitchen and bathroom fittings, and imported materials can cost you around P30,000 per square meter.

As for compensating your architect, you can establish the professional fee in a number of ways. This can be through hourly rates, stipulated sum per unit, area covered (in square meters, units, or rooms), or a combination of two or more. This will depend on the type and nature of project as well as the amount and scope of work. Don’t worry about approaching your architect as they will most likely have a good idea of the appropriate method of compensation.

“Mga arkitekto sa Antipolo– Hanapin ang pinakamahusay sa Antipolo.”

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