Designer Billiards


We specialise in the design and production of indoor gaming tables and accessories for billiards, snooker, poker, pool and tennis. From initial concept to final construction, delivery and installation, every item is hand-built to the highest craftsmanship whilst our bespoke design service ensures that we can produce a gaming table to meet your most exacting expectation

From imagination to reality
Far more is possible than many people think. Do you need either a snooker, pool, billiard or poker table which, at a touch, converts into a dining table.... a coffee table which rotates  into a card table.... or a Gothic design in a baroque Viennese style with a matt black finish?

All and more are possible because we hold one key advantage. Our designers are the same dedicated craftsmen who then make the physical product - this means they bring their intimate understanding of the way the raw materials work right through the whole design-and-build process.

Our people and their passion

We take pride in what we do and we care about how we do it. We use only sustainable woods from renewable sources and we believe in being carbon neutral. It matters to us that the items we create have the 'wow' factor and it matters to us that our customers are genuinely pleased with the tables we make for them.

We build our products to look amazing and draw attention but we also build them to stand the test of time by using top quality materials and traditional techniques from across the world that have been passed down from father to son throughout the ages.

Brail Farm
SN8 3LY Marlborough
United Kingdom


I was needing to replace my pool table and looking for something of good quality to double up as a dining table. When I first saw the roll-over design it was clear it could be exactly what I was looking for, but I was rather nervous about finding anyone with the craftsmanship skills to build to the standard I wanted. Chris and Tim invited me to visit their workshop where we could not only see the construction design, reinforcement and roll over mechanism in detail, but also feel how a (partially finished) table actually operated. The passion and enthusiasm they had towards their work, combined with their evident skill was sufficient to convince us to place the order - for a Farmhouse Rollover in Oak, plus matching bench. The table has just been delivered, and so far has lived up to every expectation: a beautiful finish and wonderfully easy/smooth mechanism. Swapping between pool and dining mode is a doddle and only needs one person. I would readily recommend, and we found our visit to the workshop for us was hugely reassuring that we were ordering a quality item, that whilst not cheap is excellent value for money.
over 2 years ago
Professional, versatile, stylish and bespoke! The dual purpose dinning / pool table is ideal for family life!
over 6 years ago
This company couldn’t do more to help and assist my purchase of a Spartan Rollover Pool Table. I strongly recommend a visit to their office near Bristol and have a go on their tables. The Spartan Rollover Table beats everything and is the best gift I have ever bought myself (without wheels!). I had mine made from Oak with Ash inlay which suits my room. It looks fabulous and when friends visit they remark on the table.....only at the end of the meal do they get to see why I changed my dining table! I would strongly recommend this company to anyone wanting to consider such a welcome addition to their home or office.
over 6 years ago