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modern  by Studio Lisa Bengtsson, Modern
modern  by Studio Lisa Bengtsson, Modern
modern  by Studio Lisa Bengtsson, Modern

Tillsammans (Together) the name of the pattern that pays attention to different shrewd characters, our roots and how we after all together are pretty much alike but at the same time different. At a first glance you will see a medallion pattern but if you look a bit closer you see twelve very amusing personalities in the shape of sausage dogs.

Lisa Bengtsson has created a fantastic wallpaper of the pattern “Tillsammans” in three different lovely colours. Blue for the shrewd one, gold for the luxurious one and red/pink for the romantic dreamer. The pattern is also available as cocky towels and charming posters with the different characters from “Tillsammans”. The poster comes in two different sizes and the four most popular dogs are also available as post cards and dish cloths. Together with the textile company Mairo has Lisa created a lovely fabric, dashing pillows in different sizes and shapes and other textile products of the pattern “Tillsammans”. This is available in the two colours blue and gold.

Creative story to the pattern:

Hugo looks like his mother, Sixten looks like his brother.

You are very much like me, just a little different, don’t you see?

The same nose, the same toes just a little different woes.

Aren’t we pretty much alike, maybe we should take a hike?

Like a tail our roots wind deep, from our feet and take a leap.

Together you and I. Then, forever, here and now.

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