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modern  by 行一建築 _ Yuan Architects, Modern
modern  by 行一建築 _ Yuan Architects, Modern
modern  by 行一建築 _ Yuan Architects, Modern

HOUSE S 光合之家—一個屋簷下


Facing a beautiful scenery of green hills, the building features staggered terraces that extend the indoor living space to the mountain landscape, offering a connection with nature that brings a sense of fulfillment to daily life.

Built on a hillside, House S intentionally elevates the living space to provide privacy while offering a comfortable outdoor activity space for families. An undulating wall running through the building defines the exterior and interior, separating the public space from the private. Within the building, the wall encircles the master bedroom and children’s room, forming the two main spaces, private and secure. Between the public and private spaces on each floor, three staggered terraces provide three different lifestyles and settings, enabling the owner and their children to retain their private spaces but also enjoy enriching interactions.


住宅面對一片著美麗的丘林綠地而坐落於新竹的一處獨棟住宅社區裡. 業主是年輕的夫妻育有兩個小孩與未來會搬入家的雙親. 透過設計我們期待能讓這房子能滿足業主未來30年漸變的生活型態與家庭成員的多元需求.

我們將公共生活, 私密起居與公共娛樂空間由低而高的安排, 並在各樓層都創造出各樓層的戶外活動空間遙望綠景, 除提升室內生活與外部自然的連結外亦可創造出各露臺間垂直向的互動關係. 在建築量體上則用一個完整的屋頂將虛體的戶外露臺與與實體的室內生活融合為一, 去象徵”一個屋簷下的家人與生活”的意象.

透過一道穿梭建築的曲牆去營造出空間的層次, 內外與公私, 夫妻與小孩各自的臥房形成了外觀上的兩個獨立的量體, 在彼此之間留出一個家人使用的私密露臺. 讓業主與小孩都能在未來的生活中各自擁有獨立的空間並保持豐富的互動關係.

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