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VILLA GAMAGORI by JWA,Jun Watanabe & Associates Modern
VILLA GAMAGORI by JWA,Jun Watanabe & Associates Modern
VILLA GAMAGORI by JWA,Jun Watanabe & Associates Modern

The design of this project is disciplined
by a longitudinally running concrete beam, whose length reaches approximately to 24meters so to hold the horizontality extending flat roof and to contain the kitchen`s cubic volume underneath.

The approach passage to the main entrance is sloped. At the entry point, people have two alternative choices whether to go to the right or to the left. Gradually descending on the tempered glass steps, people arrive at the living room, which is the climax of the spatial sequence. The ceiling height of this living room is approximately 4 meters. Both the front garden and the back patio are to provide the generous and relaxing ambience to this project. Three columns, to support the above described longitudinally running concrete beam, become the focus of the south façade. These structurally conspicuous elements are to animate the main entry sequence. The bridge, which runs from east to west, is noticeable in the back patio. This back patio provides the major character for the interior design. Particularly when people proceed from the entrance hall, by stepping the tempered glass steps, they are to enjoy this intimate back patio, parallel placed. After experiencing these steps, people are to reach to the living room.

This guest house, initiated by the family owned company, is to host various types of guests, including local politicians and the family`s immediate relatives. The town, Gamagori is known with its coastal resort applause. In the vicinity of this project site, there is the elegant Art Deco styled Gamagori Hotel, which is dated back even to the early 1930`s.

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