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Work of Wonder by Structura Architects—A Rustic Mediterranean Home in Alabang!

A classic lifestyle blessed with everything Mediterranean and vintage is all you need to live life to the fullest! That being said, you might've already guessed what our topic for today is all about.

20 February, 2020

Cooking is More Fun in These Amazing Minimalist Kitchens!

For those of us who love a conservative lifestyle yet living up to the trends and basics of modern amenities, being minimalist is just what we need. That being said, let's focus our attention towards one of the most important corners of the house whe…

16 February, 2020

Louvre Door Examples and Reasons to Include Them in Our Home

Louvre doors are a great idea to make the way for a breezy ambience that fills even the peaceful corners of a home. One of the most beneficial advantages of having these doors is that they allow proper circulation of warm and cool air to travel betwe…

09 February, 2020

8 Creative Ways to Expand Your House

If you ever grow up each day with a thought of living in a compact home setting, then you can kill this worry of yours! With growing festive seasons and never-ending visit of guests, you might sometimes feel a bit drawn back owing to the small house…

27 January, 2020

8 Easy and Budget-Friendly Ways to Renew Your Yard without Spending Your Savings..!

When we think about innovative renovations, the first thing that strikes the mind is the budget! Sometimes, it is always a wise idea to keep our savings intact and growing even amidst all that house or interior renovation commitment. So what next..

24 January, 2020

Structura Architects - One-Stop Destination for Glam Interiors

Since 2006, the fabulous team at Structura Architects has been joining hands to build the best of the best houses for its clients. Whether it is architectural design, resort planning, or interior design concepts, this wonderful team always comes with…

21 January, 2020

Bless Your Home with these Amazing Kitchen Trends this 2020!

Like almost any other corner of the house, your kitchen is one of the most important destinations you could actually be proud of. Whether it is that aromatic apple pie you bake or an extra cup of frothy latte in the morning, your kitchen is ideally t…

14 January, 2020

7 Amazingly Fantastic Ideas to Upgrade Your Kitchen

When it comes to fabricating a harmonious kitchen, you got to spend some extra time and creativity with the layout and design. For instance, if you love modern kitchen designs, you should familiarize yourself with the different contemporary models an…

22 December, 2019

10 Modern and Elegant Two Storey Homes

Two-storey homes are an ideal choice, especially for large Filipino families. But when we talk about houses, we are definitely talking about the first impressions of these types of housing concepts.

15 December, 2019

Modern 3-Storey Residence with Roof Deck

Since 2006, there is a team of creative architects that always stays ahead on the lane of creativity and innovative living. Yes, we're talking about none other than Structura Architects! This wonderful team always works towards their clients' satisfa…

09 December, 2019