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7 best areas in a Filipino home where you can use sliding doors

Most Filipinos typically utilize the basic side-hinged doors for their homes. Not all homeowners may have realized this, but other than the normal doors they're used to, sliding doors are actually great options for door installations.

6 popular indigenous materials used in the Filipino home

As the architectural world is evolving, current housing trends in the Philippines opt to also follow the Western culture. While impressive, these forms are not exactly the best for our tropical climate, which establishes the importance of using indig…

Appreciate the aesthetics of modern and rustic all in one home -- in Iloilo City!

Get ready to be swept of your feet with this home design! A work of art in Iloilo City, this awe-mazing home embodies the best of both worlds -- modern and rustic. Sleek, clean, and modern pieces seamlessly blend with the bold, rustic wooden detail…

A container house that's modern and convenient

Prefab mobile homes are paving their way through the Philippine architectural market. Not only are they fast, uncomplicated, and sturdy to build, but mobile homes can easily be designed and personalized in your own style too.

6 color combinations that are perfect for Filipino interiors

Color is everything when it comes to interior designing, Whether you opt for a bright and vibrant palette to energize your interior or a calm and relaxing set of hues to bring peace and tranquility to your home, choosing the right palette should defi…

Fall in love with the interiors of this stylish condo hotel!

Wondering what it's like to live in a sleek and modern condominium unit? Wonder no more because we have this stylish property in store for you! Nestled in the heart of Makati Avenue, Nest Nano Suites Condo Hotel flourishes in aesthetic appeal from it…

6 sofa bed designs that are totally chic and stylish!

Living in a nutshell that lacks space? Whether you're just starting out a new life in a tiny apartment or you just simply want to save on space, you definitely have to consider this ideabook.

9 ways to spice up your shelves!

Shelves always come with essential functionality in interior designing, but have you ever thought of designing them in unique ways? We're all used to seeing free-standing shelves that look so common and ordinary.

Project renovation: A dull and lifeless home gets a makeover!

Home renovations are always so exciting! There's something about before and after pictures that tickle the interior designer in you and make you want to redecorate your current residence too.

8 U-shaped kitchen designs to suit your space

Some homeowners don't know this, but U-shaped kitchens are actually the most practical of kitchen layouts that can suit to any any space you have in your home. Designed with three walls that are typically lined with cabinets and kitchen appliances, U…