11 Compact and Tiny Houses you will Fall in Love with

Live life King-size is outdated. In the modern world, budget-friendly, easy-to-maintain tiny homes are designed to meet all the comfort of living in a small space. Its popularity has made it a lifestyle choice.

06 March, 2021

11 Tips to Design and Decorate the Small Houses to make the most of it

Easy to build, comfortable to maintain, environment-friendly, and low on budget, the small houses are a boon in modern days. Small house designs come in various design styles, from tiny apartments, cozy cottages to even two-storey houses.

06 December, 2020

7 Incredible Malaysian homes to spend lockdown

The unexpected events and circumstances following the Coronavirus pandemic has forced people indoors and carry out all possible activities. While this has made adults and children relook at the their indoor activities and find new ways to keep themse…

30 November, 2020

10 Warm and Elegant Wood House Designs you would love to call yours

The elegance of wood automatically brings in warm and luxurious coziness in modern houses. The natural and eco-friendly wooden houses are healthy to live in and are perfect dwelling in the Philippines' tropical climate.

24 November, 2020

Cost of extension in the Philippines (and how to do it)

We all love our houses and we can't really fathom moving away from a place we've grown to love. However, there may come a time where we may experience some changes in our life that makes us realize that our house may be too small.

25 October, 2020

Different styles of container homes for the Philippines

Owning a property is one of the main goals of every Filipino. But considering the costs and efforts to get there can prove difficult for families. While landed properties are more common, people are now also looking at cost-effective solutions for th…

16 October, 2020

12 little houses to choose when you have land

Several natural causes have contributed to changes in the size, design and pattern of homes around the world. With the help of new technologies, improvements have been made to make buildings more long-lasting, environment friendly and safe.

31 August, 2020

Mesmerizing Industrial Style Ideas for Your Home

Industrial is making its new meaning in town! And what we mean by that is totally mind-blowing and creative for those who love to recreate old wornout stuff and industrial leftovers.

23 February, 2020

Work of Wonder by Structura Architects—A Rustic Mediterranean Home in Alabang!

A classic lifestyle blessed with everything Mediterranean and vintage is all you need to live life to the fullest! That being said, you might've already guessed what our topic for today is all about.

20 February, 2020

8 Creative Ways to Expand Your House

If you ever grow up each day with a thought of living in a compact home setting, then you can kill this worry of yours! With growing festive seasons and never-ending visit of guests, you might sometimes feel a bit drawn back owing to the small house…

27 January, 2020