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Contemporary interiors for 3-BR Condo Unit in Quezon City

Contemporary homes are quite popular and it is because such a design is most suited for smaller spaces. This wonderful home has been renovated to look modern and updated. It has been designed and executed by the architects of Structura Architects, fr…

28 February, 2019

A modern and rustic apartment in Makati that you'll fall in love with

Sometimes, we just can't seem to figure out whether we want a complete modern and contemporary home or a slightly country feel with that rustic kick. We want a little bit of both, but how do you clash two different style genres? You are about to see…

A modern home with a playful roof design

Quirky and inspired architecture elevates this two-storey family home into a stylish residence that’s truly one-of-a-kind. While its design is certainly extraordinary, this featured house shows that you don’t need a sprawling acres-wide property or l…

01 November, 2017

A summer resthouse you've always dreamt of

Having a summer resthouse is something we all want and dream of. A relaxing home with a swimming pool and a lush garden. But of course, the larger the space the more gruelling the planning stage is.

17 August, 2017

A simple home with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

Modern single storey homes are getting more popular these days. Bungalow homes are, of course, a better option for those who are on a budget. If you have ample space, then you'll be able to maximize and incorporate what it is that you desire in a hom…

17 August, 2017

10 photos of a relaxing wooden house for the province

Wooden houses have that heartwarming charm that many people would love to possess. As a dream home No matter where you look, wooden homes are the ones that provide a quaint atmosphere that is cozy and close to nature.

09 August, 2017

A beautiful wooden home for a big family

This beautiful wooden home has all the luxuries of a modern cottage, but with the rustic charm of a classic house in the countryside. The entire home is almost entirely built with lovely wooden materials, to help bring out a calming and relaxing atmo…

04 August, 2017

A tiny home you can copy (with floor plan included!)

Have you been dreaming of a modern and sophisticated home that could accommodate your growing family from the original two of just you and your spouse? Well, Polish architects from HomeKONCEPT have conceptualized this stylish but modest house that yo…

A 78m² home with two floors and enough space for the family!

Having a home requires a large number of sacrifices. When the budget that is available is somewhat reduced, this is due to the current value of housing in real estate market. However, it is still possible to get some options that fit our economic rea…

24 July, 2017

A two-storey home that focuses on relaxation

Today we are visiting a charming villa that's both classy and comfy. A dream house that is designed by the architects from Kitzlingerhaus Gmbh, a group who so brilliantly created an energy efficient home.

17 July, 2017