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Dazzling Garden lighting ideas for your Modern Home

As the evening descends and the garden lights up, it completely changes the garden décor from what it is in the daytime. The outdoor illumination enhances the atmosphere making it romantic.

10 December, 2020

11 Fresh and Creative Garden design ideas to try at Home

Big or small, outdoor or indoor, in planters or ground, the garden's magical greenery makes the house fresh and lively. Apart from enhancing the space's aesthetics, the garden brings a positive vibe and soothes the mind and soul.

29 November, 2020

20 small indoor gardens for Filipino homes

How many times have you heard people complain about not having a garden because they don't have the space at home? Hey, lack of space should never stop you from trying to build a garden of your own.

24 October, 2020

Small gardens that fit anywhere in your home

Living in apartments has made gardening almost impossible making it imperative for greenery lovers to use creative ideas to bring it home. Constructing an indoor garden is not a difficult task with the right tools, plant varieties and basic gardening…

26 August, 2020

10 Garden ideas for improving your front and backyard areas

The biggest disadvantage of living in the city is that we live far away from nature in the middle of concrete jungle where fresh air and greenery are a rarity. Which is why most homes with small yards in the city try to develop their own patch of gre…

15 April, 2020

10 Amazingly Astonishing Small Garden Ideas

If you're having a thought that small gardens aren't that amazing compared to the ones in lofty estates and mansion-style villas, then you're completely wrong! Small gardens are a great idea to ace any compact space with the looks it deserves.

24 November, 2019

24 Types of fences to decorate your garden with style

The main purpose of a fence is to separate and protect the house from external events. However, in addition to providing security, the fence is also an important composition of the house that contributes to its personality and aesthetics.

26 December, 2017

15 small patios with cool ideas you can copy

Your small patio may not be a very big one, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the perfect one for you. With some creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, any outdoor space can be transformed into a charming extension of the residence.

18 November, 2017

16 garden fence ideas your neighbors will want to copy

Fences for the garden may not be absolute essentials in your property, but it’s always a good idea. Not only does it tuck your home away from prying eyes, but it could also be a design piece that completes the façade of the house.

17 November, 2017

10 budget-friendly ideas for the garden

Let’s face it, landscaping can be very pricey. While it’s important to keep the garden well-maintained and pretty, the sheer expense of doing so means there are a lot of gardens out there that end up falling in disarray.

31 October, 2017