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What you should know before lacquering your furniture

Painting furniture is an excellent way to change your home's decor without spending much money! This process can be done in several ways, including lacquering the furniture and giving it the shine it needs.

05 February, 2024

If You Love Classic-Style Furniture, You Can't Miss These 12 Ideas

What comes to your mind when you think of classic-style furniture? You cannot possibly point to one specific style. This entire style encompasses a wide range from timeless and elegant pieces of furniture, of course, but along with that it is support…

13 May, 2021

14 Amazing Ways to Use Glass Doors to Transform Your Space

Glass is such a versatile medium to be used indoors, there is no end to the number of ways in which it can be incorporated in home interiors and architecture. When it comes to glass doors, there is no end in ways in which they can be used both for fu…

10 May, 2021

10 Beautiful Canopy Bed Design to Adorn your Bedroom

Think about a canopy bed, and all that crosses the mind is a leaf from a sophisticated bedroom decor with a touch of luxury and a generous dose of grandeur. The canopy bed's magic is so that it can transform an ordinary room into an extravagantly rom…

02 April, 2021

21 Warm and Elegant Ideas with wood for a Warmer Home

Flip through the magazines or scroll down hundreds of home décor websites, and I bet that you will hardly find a picture of modern, minimalist, traditional or industrial style homes that don’t have wood elements in their décor.

22 March, 2021

9 Wardrobe ideas for small rooms

Families tend to compromise on style and design when they have a small house as they are not able to fit in lavish furniture or storage pieces. But in today's world where almost every city is filled to capacity and people have to fit in their belongi…

27 December, 2020

Fall in love with these must-have colorful furniture

Cut if off with the neutrals and plain whites and start getting more adventurous with your color choices! You wouldn't want to live with undertones and muted colors all your life.

5 dining tables perfect for the big family

One thing's for sure -- your family's certainly not getting smaller… it's just growing bigger! Whether you're having more kids (and even grandkids) or close relatives and grandparents staying with you, this surely means that you need bigger spaces f…

Things to consider when choosing side tables

Each and every furniture piece has their own function that's specially built for the home. From beds and sofas to chairs and tables, these home essentials play a certain role in any household interior.

6 Filipino armchairs: Their stylish modernization

Philippine interior designing and architecture have been evolving over the past decades and this does not exclude its essential elements like furniture and fixtures. One prominent furniture piece that has evolved stylishly is the Philippine armchair.