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21 Cute Décor Ideas to Decorate your home

Home is where the heart is… it is also where we have the creative freedom to decorate as per our heart’s desire. From an accent wall to glittering lamps, art and souvenirs to throw pillows, there are simply no restrictions! And the strangest of thing…

22 April, 2021

Muted colors – 15 ways they can take your interiors to a whole new level

Often, simplicity is the key to achieving elegance, when interior décor is concerned. So, if you wish to keep things contemporary, minimalistic yet chic, muted colors can do the trick.

31 March, 2021

9 Ways to make your Home Shine with Floor Mirrors

Mirrors are the easiest and most popular design hacks used by interior designers and decorators for home décor. Mirrors enhance the elegance of the space and add a different dimension to the décor.

23 December, 2020

Pantone color of the year 2021: 30 Ideas to add the colors of life and positivity in your Home

People were desperately looking for something to lift the gloom from the year 2020, overshadowed by the pandemic. And with a bang, Pantone announced the illuminating and ultimate gray the Pantone color for 2021.

11 December, 2020

12 Fresh Window Design Ideas to enhance the elegance of your Home

More than a functional piece, windows have always been a home design staple, and that change with time and style to remain trendy. Whether for the exterior or interior, the windows are essential even for the home décor.

25 November, 2020

8 Ways to fit in blue into your interiors

Blue is something of a universal favorite that does not have age or space barriers and can fit into almost every environment and design style. This versatile color can be used to give a soothing aura to a dull bedroom with bed linen, liven up all whi…

04 November, 2020

8 common (and crazy!) Filipino home superstitions

Aside from being the most hospitable bunch on the planet, Filipinos are also known to believe and follow various superstitions. The list of superstitious beliefs in the Philippines could go on and on.

26 October, 2020

Lucky plants: 7 plants to bring you wealth, health, and love

Plants are multi-functional; not only are they stylish design pieces that can promote air circulation in the room, but experts can also use them to bring good fortune to the residents of the home.

23 October, 2020

7 ideas for balcony floor decor

For most people living in high rises in crowded cities balconies are their only windows to the world where they can enjoy sunshine and have a clear view of open skies. Balconies are best used as areas to relax or read with or to enjoy a cuppa with fa…

22 September, 2020

How to use grey for interior design

Gray is the new neutral for interior design and though it may appear like a dull or boring color to some we urge you to see its use in these arrangements before writing it off as a fad.

26 July, 2020