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8 Easy and Budget-Friendly Ways to Renew Your Yard without Spending Your Savings..!

When we think about innovative renovations, the first thing that strikes the mind is the budget! Sometimes, it is always a wise idea to keep our savings intact and growing even amidst all that house or interior renovation commitment. So what next..

24 January, 2020

5 smart steps on building your own house

While it's clearly less the effort to hire a professional take care of your property's building process, it would also mean you have less involvement in creating your dream home.

10 ways to a mouse-free home

Sitting idly by the living room, your eyes detect movement and find that a mouse had just passed by from a couch seat a few feet away towards the bulky mahogany drawer. Your mind asks a dozen questions a minute like where it came from or where would…

19 October, 2017

A DIY guide on how to make concrete planters

As a material, concrete is simple, stark and straight-forward. It’s quite plain, but this doesn’t take away from the undeniable charm as a design piece. In modern digs, concrete often finds itself as part of the interiors as unusual living…

10 September, 2017

10 easy ways to prepare your home for the rainy season

Every year, the rainy season wreaks havoc on the Philippines. It’s a major challenge to every Filipino’s day to day life whether they’re located in the metro or rural areas. The constant typhoons make it difficult to get to work, school or basically…

07 August, 2017

How to protect your wooden house from rain

Wood can drastically change your home's appeal. It provides a calming and comfortable atmosphere that can make your house feel like a refuge. Unfortunately, wood also requires quite a bit of maintenance to keep both its structural integrity and styli…

22 July, 2017

Woodworking: A DIY guide to creating a wooden patio for your home

A wood patio deck may just be what you need in your house. A place where you can relax and have some fresh air. Check out this modern zen-like design and how it is constructed.

02 June, 2017

Woodworking: How to make your own wooden patio

Homify has often brought up the idea of outdoor living by having a patio in your home. We even tell you how to make it look pretty and cozy through these 15 beautiful patio ideas for families who love to chill.

31 May, 2017

6 ways to stay safe during flooding

The hot summer air still lingers in spite of the sporadic rain showers. With this humid atmosphere, the cold, rainy days seem so far away. Flooding, in this case, is also a bit unimaginable. But we can never be sure these days.

Learn how to make extra money with your house from this family

Kumikitang kabuhayan is the name of the game y'all! If you want to generate income within the comforts of your own home, this Ideabook is for you! Here, we will present different ides that will surely get your creative (and money-making) juices flo…

21 May, 2017