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A dull 2 bedroom condo becomes a snazzy studio flat in Taguig

Transforming a lifeless house into a bright and stylish home with personality is easier said than done. But this renovation project for a Taguig condominium with 2 bedrooms begs to differ.

29 August, 2019

Project renovation: A dull and lifeless home gets a makeover!

Home renovations are always so exciting! There's something about before and after pictures that tickle the interior designer in you and make you want to redecorate your current residence too.

Transform your old "bahay kubo" into this modern log cabin!

Do you own an old barn, a wooden cottage, or even a small nipa hut that you want to renovate and refurbish? Take some inspiration from this old wooden structure, designed by Krea Koncept, which was turned into a fully-revamped and modernized relaxati…

Before and after: 5 shocking home transformations

Should you completely rebuild your home from scratch or just renovate? These is a common question for most homeowners, especially the living in an old property. What is important is the advice of an architect, who calculates whether a new building is…

15 August, 2017

5 ways to make your old home new again

This isn't your typical idea listicle--- this one will show you ideas PLUS a comparison of how it was before and how it looks like now. Pretty awesome, huh? We know. So, scroll down for some serious inspiration. Oh, and speaking of inspiration…

11 May, 2017

Renovation: See how they transformed an old apartment into a dream home

Today, we are witnessing the transformation of a plain and boring house to a contemporary, modern and aesthetic home. With this transformation made by an interior design firm Vogue specialists carefully examining all the details, this old historical…

05 April, 2017

Looks can deceive: A simple facade hides a stunning home

Transformation projects are always exciting especially when those who encounter them are left gobsmacked as to how this ended up as that. Generally, the before images show an outdated, dirty or abandoned portion of the house.

An amazing transformation of an old apartment

If you've been following our Before & After ideabooks, you've been a witness to the countless transformations we've covered around the globe. Suffice it to say that we strongly believe in miracles and expertise of our professionals here at homify.

26 February, 2017

This home makeover will make your jaw drop!

Our collection of Before and After stories took us to different kinds of disturbing to grotesque houses. We empathize with architects and designers who face such a daunting task, but we also admire their creativity and skill after accomplishing an al…

21 February, 2017

They remodeled their patio and it was beautiful!

Welcome to this book of ideas! Today we bring you the before-and-after of a patio, through a constructive process that integrated a covered terrace with kitchenette, barbecue area, and living room, plus a large green area and two beautiful fountains…

15 February, 2017