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Great and Glamorous Ideas for Double-Vanity Modern Bathrooms

In this fast-moving life, two sink bathroom or double-vanity bathroom is a blessing and definitely better than one. The ‘his’ and ‘her’ bathroom sinks make the morning rush quite manageable and evenings with guests rush-free.

17 January, 2021

7 Best Materials for Shower Tray to Step-up the Style

Shower floor, shower base, or shower tray; call it whatever you wish, but the fact is that you have to take utmost care while choosing the material for its functionality and the wear and tear it has to bear.

03 January, 2021

10 ideas to make small bathrooms bigger

Small bathrooms are common in most city homes and apartments and their size makes it inconvenient sometimes to even keep essentials. Tight spaces make it hard to move around and entering and exiting small bathrooms feels like entry and exit from an a…

31 August, 2020

Modern bathroom wall decorating ideas

The important part of bathroom décor is not only about choosing the right tile, wall color and sanitary fittings but also about selecting appropriate details for its walls. Till a few years ago, tiles were the only wall decor used for bathroom due to…

29 August, 2020

Modern bathroom ideas for small homes

People in small and big cities are settling in small houses and apartments and naturally bathrooms too are becoming smaller, like the decreasing size of the house. But this does not mean that the small bathroom should not be stylish, comfortable and…

19 August, 2020

10 Modern and practical bathrooms that will never go out of style

Bathrooms are generally ignored while planning home interiors and only a small part of budget is allocated to make them functional. We spend a lot of time thinking about the interiors of our home and do not hesitate to invest there, but when it comes…

22 April, 2020

7 Tremendous Ideas to Decorate Small Bathrooms

Have you ever felt a bit worried on how you're going to keep your bathroom look attractive? Well, this wonderful space forms one of the most important corners of a house where you actually get rid of worldly worries and spend some time with yourself!…

01 December, 2019

10 Photos of Small Bathrooms that You Should Check Out Before Remodeling Yours

A burst of relaxed naps and heavenly 5-minute slumbers can happen anywhere other than your bedroom! You got it right—especially if you are a crazy enthusiast of aromatic bath bombs and bath tubs.

20 October, 2019

7 sleek bathroom designs you can copy

Bathroom designs have become a prominent essential in home interior designing simply because a pleasantly appealing bathroom is far better than an ordinary one. Any homeowner feels at its best when the bathroom is sleek, modish, and modern.

8 bathroom storage ideas that are easy and stylish

We all know that most bathrooms may be little in space compared to the other rooms of the house, but it should never be a reason to have all your bathroom essentials all over the place! Bathrooms should be neat and tidy, regardless of the size dimens…